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Physics or AP Physics?

Please help!! ok so im in algebra 2. everyone tells me that i should do ap physics. but i would skip regular physics. im ok in math would i be ok to do ap physics?

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    AP physics and physics is pretty much the same. You learn the same stuff, but the way you do is different. AP Physics would be a lot harder than Physics. AP is for Advanced Placement.

    Also I don't think you can take AP Physics without taking Pre AP Physics first.

    Hope this helps.

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    AP Physics is tough. If your math grades are at least a B then I would consider taking AP Physics. It will be tough for you unless you are really strong in math.

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    so ap physics is just really hard, and as always depends on the teacher as well (is he/she a good teacher? lots or little work, etc...)

    also depends on what else you are taking when you take ap physics, if the other classes aren't hard and you can focus on the class, then it depends

    and it depends on you, and how the subject is for you, and how hard you want to work at it

    sorry if this doesn't help, but there are a lot of factors...

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    AP physics requires a knowledge of trig\pre-cal and basic differentiation from calculus i would suggest you stick with regular physics

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    look, the real truth is that the people who do well in physics classes think like physicists. and most of us DON'T think like physicists.

    so there is no way to advise you on either physics, or ap physics.

    with no humility whatsoever, i can tell you that i was a whiz at algebra, and very good in geometry and trigonometry.

    But physics is like pulling teeth for me.

    My husband was so-so in algebra, geometry and trigonometry, but physics made perfect sense to him.

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    3 years late take ap no balls

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    If you plan on going into a career in science, and you have at least a B in all of your other classes, then I would say go for it. Or, if your school has it, you can take Honors Physics as a happy medium.

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    if u r ok in math then go for regular physics...

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    If you're an alpha, AP.

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    why not applied physics has more opportunities anyways they normal so in my openion go for ap

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