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Who played in a "tougher era", Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant?

I say Michael Jordan's era by far. I don't know why people think that MJ didn't play against people as athletic and versatile as players of today. If you have time check out these players MJ played against. You're going to see guys that's from 6'6 to 6'10 with explosiveness, ball control, and athleticism. Enjoy:

Dominique Wilkins: 6'7: SF

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1X Scoring Champ

Usually averaged in the higher 20s in points.

Penny Hardaway: 6'7: PG

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He was a All-Star that kept a average in the 20s in points.

Grant Hill: 6'8: SF

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He was a All-Star, averaged in the 20s in points, and was looked to be the next MJ.

Shawn Kemp: 6'10: PF (D. Howard is a C of today & their the same H't)

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He was a All-Star that could kill you with higher 30 point game and rebounded good.

Clyde Drexler: 6'7: SG

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He was a All-Star, always averaged in the 20s in points, and was very similar to Jordan.

Dennis Rodman: 6'8: PF

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7X Rebound Champ, 1990 & 1991 DPOY (2Xs), he was very strong, and players like Artest & Ben Wallace idolize him. BTW, he only played with MJ for 3 seasons @ the "end" of his career.

Magic Johnson: 6'9": PG

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No explanation about this player. He's in very ones top 5 of All-Time. Some claim that he was old when MJ played against him but they don't know what there talking about. Magic won MVP 3Xs (87,88,& 90) during MJ's career and he was only 32 years old when he retired in 1991. He was still in prime shape.

Reggie Miller: 6'7: SG

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He's a All-Time best @ clutch plays , he was a All-Star, and averraged in the 20s in points.

Chris Webber: 6'9: PF

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He was a All-Star, strong, averaged in the 20s in points, and a very versatile PF. He came in the league in 1992-93.

Julius "Dr J" Erving: 6'6: SF

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No explaination this player. He's a All-Time Great. He played 3 seasons against MJ (1985 to 1987).

There was plenty more like this but I don't have time to post every versatile player back then. So yes, MJ dominate this era as well. I'll like to see you guys try to name 10 players that's today that's better then the ones I posted. All these guys were special in their prime.


MJ also had to deal with "HAND CHECKING" and contact defense.

BTW, here is a list of other players that he had to play.

Great Centers That's Better Then Today's:

Shaquille O'neal

Hakeem Olajuwan

Patrick Ewing

David Robinson

Alonzo Mouring

Mark Eaton

Dikembe Mutombo

and etc.


Karl Malone

Charles Barkley

Larry Bird

Larry Johnson

Chris Mullin

Danny Manning

Cliff Robinson

James Worthy

and etc.


Bernad King

Tim Hardaway

Isiah Thomas

John Stockton

Joe Dumars

Gary Payton

Kevin Johnson

and etc.

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    MJ did play in a tougher era and i'll tell you why: they played more phisical back then and there were waaaay less fouls called. Guys would push and shove and hand check and everything like that. Everytime someone breaths on Kobe it's called a foul now. And everything you mention is true too so MJ did play in the tougher era

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    It look like you are answering your own question.

    I think the biggest difference is the hand checking rule. The NBA put that rule into effect to increase scoring and I think it helps a lot of today players as oppose to the MJ era.

    Also you had more great players and great teams during the MJ era. I would put the list but you catch my drift.

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    Is there any question. MJ played in the tougher era. He played against such great players with great skill and talent. Plus the NBA is so much softer now. Fouls are being called for almost everything.

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    Definately MJ's era. Don't forget about the physicality of the game as well. Back then players committed hard fouls and you had to learn to play physical. Nowadays you can get called for silly touch fouls, it's pathetic. And what the hell is wrong with YS.

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    mj's era. he wasn't going to be the greatest player of all time if he had weak opponents. kobe on the other hand is in a league where only a handful of guys can match-up with him (lebron,melo, dwayne). plus ticky tacky fouls like handchecks were letgoes back then.

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    MJ's Era. Only one giving Kobe competition is LeBron & Wade.

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    MJ of course,king!

    how many times do you wanna see from me?


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    definitely MJ, no doubt about it.. i dont like Kobe..LOL

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    of course u say jordan ur a kobe hating jordan jocker.

  • Anonymous
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