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Rare snowfall and record cold levels, proof of GLOBAL WARMING?

Lousiana, Mississippi and Texas have rare snow. Record cold in Pacific Northwest. Massive Eastern Seaborn storm brings record cold and snow and ice. And this is just in the USA!

Europe is unseasonably cool. Many parts of the world reporting cold temperatures. This summer was one of the most mild on record.

I'm a reasonable person. I look around and consider the facts.


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    1 decade ago
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    Here I thought it would take at least another 5 or 10 years to show it's all a bag of BS. For all the AGW believers and promoters, why is it, that all the documentaries, climate models, videos, papers, essays all show the entire globe getting hot, NOT ONCE, have I seen anything show a cooling anywhere, and I have watched and debunked or explained just about everyone. Also, why do you fools keep on with the "proof". If there was "proof" it would cease to be a "theory". Every time you say "proof" you are doing yourselves no favours, as you are already LYING. So how can we even attempt to believe any of your further drivel.

    First it was cooling, now it's warming, sound like to story of the boy who cried wolf. Soon no-one is going to believe anything the scientists have to say, then one day it may really bite us in the bottom.

    Scientists, stop grubbing for money and funding, perpetuating half truths and unproven theories. It does absolutely nothing for your credibility or your profession.

    Politicians, stop the scaremongering in order to tax us even more, you greedy, lying, fcuking wastes of skin. Oxygen thieving bastards.

  • 4 years ago

    The snow part is the result of a mere 1/10 of a degree, but that 1/10 makes a difference. An air mass that 1/10 of a degree warmer will pick up a whale of a lot of extra moisture as it moves over a slightly warmer ocean. The result is a lot of heavy wet snow as it overruns a cold air mass. The results of a small amount of warming can be way out of proportion to that small amount of warming. Of course if it was just a one off snow storm that in itself would have no bearing on the situation, but coupled with several hundred scientific data points the 'storm' does illustrate the direction that the world's climate is moving. It's too bad that greenhouse gases can't be seen with the naked eye, that would put all of this denier BS to rest. The evidence is overwhelming. It's a real shame that the coal and oil mafias and the right wing radio dummies that stooge for them keep this denier business going. Those guys actions border on criminal behavior.

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    It's around 40 and raining in the most northeastern state now, not snowing. A neighbors tree fell down this morning because the soil is so saturated with water and the rivers near here are within a foot or two of hitting the bottom of the bridges there has been so much rain. This is not proof of global warming at all since global warming is an average of the world's temperature changes over many years.

  • 1 decade ago

    Several theories to look at:

    Don't forget cold and hot areas like to exchange locations. This shows some how that the normal patterns the hot and cold are use to following for location exchange are some how being interrupted. Since hot has more energy than cold, this extra warmed probably some how drove the cold there (unless the cold already killed the hot from the earth, very unlikely).

    Another explanation is the Antarctic is going colder and getting bigger, while the Arctic is getting smaller and warmer. I saw that announced on Yahoo Answers some where. This is causing the Earth to wobble, thus regulating its hot / cold responses differently.

    Plus I've heard someone from Alaska mention to me privately a few years ago, they have a weather changing machine there for at least a few years that uses ion reactions (something said to be known that could cause lightning to start forest fires if given the chance, as our western states forests on the news have been said for years are burning up with fires that can not be put out). Than just a few weeks ago, I found China wasn't afraid to announce on the Internet that they too got a weather changing machine, just to help a small section of their environment continue its natural growth from being interrupted by global warming.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The beautiful point that I see if we are moving into a major shift is that generally the last 5 shifts starting with the beginning of the MWP have been fairly rapid, usually from start to end in less than 50 years. The current optimum that has had two peaks and taken 150 years to reach the second peak is the unusual one because it was slower than normal in even reaching the first peak and second neither peak even reached the millennial average let alone the Holocene average before cooling down again.

    I just has to be so much co2 in the air keeping us cool that must be the answer the warmers keep missing.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    uh, its the temperature that affects the weather. 1 degree more or less and hurricane or cyclone will change direction. seriously, ask the scientists. winds are caused cause of hot and cold air. put a hand over the radiator, you can feel the breeze. warm water can freeze faster than cold water (mpemba effect). and water is everywhere, ground, air, clouds. its all physics, this is how things work. I thought its impossible to sail faster than the wind. its true when sailing close hauled (into the wind), air pressure changes and then its all physics. or look at turbosail (magnus effect).

    global warming/cooling is very possible. we have no evidence yet if its a natural cycle or if we are causing it. however it makes sense, during the summer all those gases released into the air can trap the heat inside of earth - global warming - and then in the winter gases, especially particulates prevent more sunlight from entering earth - global cooling and global dimming. many scientists in different places around the world reported less sunlight. to me it makes sense for these cold winters.

    I'm a reasonable person too. except that I spend too much time watching documentaries.

    global warming or not, global pollution is happening. and its killing everything.

  • 1 decade ago

    It is a sham. A marketing scam. I love it when someone behind me in a grocery check out line has a pile of those cloth grocery bags. I get his or her attention and ask the clerk checking me out to give me double plastic bags. Triple on the milk. You should see the looks I get. I love it!

    NOT saving the planet since before this Global Warming BS was concocted.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    By the way, sham and scam are two separate words. Scam is to lie or steal, and sham is about being fake or dishonest.

    Which of describes "global warming" and "climate change" nicely. Both are false, just like every other scare we've had to endure. What's the excuse going to be when we're getting three feet of snow on day followed by below zero temperatures for two weeks? "Yep, that "global warming sho's a big problem!" P-p-p-pleas-ss-e s-s-sen-end some gl-global w-w-warming here, it so c-c-cold!"

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    1 decade ago

    The proof of global warming is average temperature measurements over decades. Unusual seasonal variations of climate conditions are possibly related to trends which we may expect more of due to global warming, but it is more likely these are normal variations expected with or without a warming trend.

    On the Pacific coast we have a twenty year cycle of drought with an occasional El Nino, warm ocean currents flowing north, which change the weather patterns greatly. The length of the cycle also varies.

    The best evidence of global warming is the alarming rate of glacial melting on the poles and mountain tops. It is predicted that record breaking weather conditions will occur worldwide. We are seeing some of those records now.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You're damned right. I live in Madison, Wisconsin right now and I'm already sick of cold and snow. We've had subzero temperatures a few times, which is about 22 degrees below normal.

    I grew up in South Texas and it's been snowing down in Houston. We had 5 inches of snow in Corpus Christi in 2004. That hadn't happened since the 1870's.

    It's funny how the environmental extremists never mention these events, or the mild summer of 2008. Maybe we're going into another ice age? They haven't used that since the 70's to scare us into more government control, maybe Al Bore will make a new movie about that.

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