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Underoath fans (FFAF, you're all over this one xD)?

What are your favorite album and song?

Mine are Cries of the Past as the album and The Last as the song.


Wow... It suggested Country... and R&P wasn't suggested at all!

Update 2:

The Last, I should probably add, is tied with Short of Daybreak.

Update 3:

That's a good song, but it's too... I don't know. I don't like the clean vocals in that song at all.

Update 4:

I love Alone in December and When the Sun Sleeps :P

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    really? i liked "they're only chasing safety" the best.

    i like chamberlin better than the old singer honestly

    and my favorite song is "a boy brushed red living in black and white"


    i like cries of the past too, giving up hurts the most is awesome; and the changing of times was a great cd, when the sun sleeps and alone in december and a message for adriann (sp?) those were all great songs.

    i <3 underOATH

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    1 decade ago

    My favorite album is Define The Great Line... It's just so ridiculously epic. A Moment Suspended In Time is my favorite song.

  • they're only chasing safety

    i love its a dangerous business walking out your front door-i love the song because its so good and me and my sis sing it all the time and spence is sooooooo hott in that video too

    i also like a boy brushed in red, living in black and white

    underoath is an amazing band

    i was just a street team member this summer

    for them, in scranton pa for the mayhem festival

    i got in free for just hanging up their show timings

    before everyone was let in

    underoath is highly amazing they're one of the first

    bands i actually liked

    define the great line was a good album too, i just have to say i really like all of what they came out with but i prefer the older albums rather than the new ones but i still like them all

  • mavins
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    3 years ago

    howdy You!! :) Had a sprint too lots relaxing with all that unfastened beer final evening? haha :) What a confusing question, I propose jeeze....Underoath merely rock sooooo lots, they are merely sooooooo outstanding and Aaron might desire to easily be considered the recent god, for god's sake or might desire to I say Aaron's sake.....haha :) Hahaha, I had to have a sprint relaxing :) MQ~ Yeah I definitley see what you're saying.....I even have particularly felt that way utilizing domicile previous due at evening from paintings, events, day trip, despite, the place i'm sooo damn drained, I merely blast my song to maintain me unsleeping and that i do tend to be conscious lots extra of it because of fact i'm attempting to pay lots interest to it so i don't pass to sleep on the wheel.....haha, reason that would not be good :) :)

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    Favorite Album and Song you ask!

    My Album: It's hard to say...I am thankful for their earlier work cause it laid a platform for them to work off....They're Only Chasing safety gave them some of the recognition they deserve but created a much more softer side to their music...Define The Great Line....simply just stamped their authority of not being another generic Metalcore band...and Lost In The Sound...well that just further stamped their authority....

    But I am gunna say Define The Great Line....cause frankly that blew me away from the opening track!

    My favorite Song: In Regards To Myslef overall...that song is intense and they learnt that Aaron should sing in short spurts...which added to Underoath as a whole


    I love Underoath wayyyyyyy to much eheheh thanks

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    1 decade ago

    Dammit Zach, you stole my answer.


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