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name all Christmas Sci Fi movies..

and name sci fi horror movies

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    P2 (2007)

    Wind Chill

    Santa's Slay

    Santa Claws

    Dead End (2003)

    Jack Frost (1996)

    To All a Good Night

    Night Train Murders

    Feeders 2: Slay Bells

    Black Christmas (1974)

    Don't Open Till Christmas

    Silent Night, Bloody Night

    Silent Night, Deadly Night

    A Christmas Nightmare (2001)

    Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2

    You Better Watch Out aka Christmas Evil (1980)

    The Nightmare Before Christmas~comic horror musical

    Tales from the Crypt (1972)~"All Through the House" story

    Christmas sci fi is going to be trickier since the obvious ones have been named. Let me think... "Brazil" has a futuristic setting.

    These involve time travel/time loops:

    Christmas Do-Over

    Christmas Every Day (1996)

    The Twelve Days of Christmas Eve

    As the first poster notes, "A Christmas Carol" does qualify as horror because of the ghosts; yet, it's also science fiction because they travel in time to the past then the future.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Santa Claus Conquers the Martians is a cheesy sci-fi.

    Silent Night Deadly Night, Black Christmas, Jack Frost and Bloody Christmas are some horror movies.

    Also, keep in mind that A Christmas is about a man who is visited by ghosts!

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