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What's the difference between ACA, AKC and all other dog registries?

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    This is a common question, since many new owners or newbies to the dog world doesn't know what is a dog registry. Ill try to answer you as best as possible. The dog registries concept started more than 100 years ago and one of the oldest ones is AKC. Today, there's more than 30 dog registries in US and all of them offers different services and standards. The most popular registries in US are AKC, ACA and UKC. Many people lie a lot to defend their own preference for a registry, since their is a lot Extreme Fanatics in the dog industry.

    A registry doesn't make your dog healthy or guarantee that your dog is the best standard of the breed. A dog registry keeps track of your dog family tree and offers services that most of time benefits you and your dog. There's no such thing as a puppy mill registry, because the registry doesn't breed the dog. The breeder is the one responsible for the breeding and care of the puppies. There are good and bad breeders and we can't put the word puppy mills in every breeder. Imagine our life without a breeder, it would be a life without a dog in our families, without great dog shows, without our best friends.

    AKC stands for American Kennel Club, ACA for American Canine Association and UKC for United Kennel Club. As my knowledge AKC is the biggest one, followed by ACA. But seems that, this information is changing since AKC board reported in their meeting that less than 50% of their income is coming from registration and they have lost a big part of their business to the new registries. Is a good registry, one of the oldest in the world, but their prices and services are really expensive in comparison with other registries. AKC has also been related to Puppymills and NBC Dateline did a special report on puppy mills where they pointed AKC as a puppy mill registry and having not purebred dogs registered as purebreds. Personally, I don't believe we should blame the registries for this issues. Their dog shows are world wide recognized and many registries have use them as a model to stand their business. A great registry, but again, too expensive.

    ACA is about 25 years old and it was recognized by President George W. Bush for their support with rescue teams in the search for victims of september 11, 2002 attacks. Their prices are more affordable than AKC and their services for registered dogs are free. All registered dogs owners have free access to ask a vet and ask a trainer, a great tool for dog owners to ask questions about dog behavior and health issues, and is free....

    UKC is also one the oldest registries in US, a good registry, good prices, but the have less services, specially online compared to ACA and AKC.

    Other newbies registries are APRI, UAB, along a big list. Is you have papers to register your dog, just choose the best one for you and your dog needs.

    Now be careful since some of this newbies registry papers could mean nothing, since they register any dog, and you could end buying mixbred as a purebred.

    If your dog is one of the new "Designer Breed" dog, theres a few registries that allow you register the dog as a Design Breed and you can have the same benefits and services for your dog.

    Again there's a lot of options, make your decision base on your needs, not in people lies. Don't pay attention to scam people or fanatics. Here is a list of websites to help you get more info:

    I love my dogs and they are dual registered with ACA and AKC, also I have a beautiful UKC Bulldog. Again pick your dog registry base on your dog needs.

    Hope this help you out!

    Add: AKC doesn't guarantee pedigree as some people say. They are not responsible if a breeder lie when they register the litter. AKC themselves have admitted many times about errors and false information found in their papers by scam breeders using AKC. More than 90% of breeders that use AKC don't use the famous DNA test. AKC business information is public, do research. Don't believe everything you read here.

    Note: Wikipedia is a world wide resource for Universities and organizations. Everybody can become a member and add information, but every post is revised and approved by professionals. Every post requires references and you can report any false information you can find there and they will take it out. Not like this service where every body can write anything without reference, there's no control.

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    Some are junk, and will just take money for handing over a ice sounding registration. If you live in the US, only trust the AKC papers. I think there MAY be a reputable registry for rarer breeds, but I am not sure what that is and if your breed is recognized by the AKC you should use that, and if it isn't then you need to look into if it really is a breed before just running off to some junk registry.

    The Continental Kennel Club, or the CKC (even worse because the legitimate Canadian Kennel Club is also CKC) is horrible. They will accept pictures in replacement of a pedigree. You can write in whatever breed you want, even a stupid mutt name (like a cockapoo). I have heard of people registering rabbits (as a lopadoodle) and a stuffed dog with them, yes with clear pictures.

    And keep in mind that even the AKC does NOT guarantee quality. It guarantees pedigree, so you know the dog is purebred, but you still need to check that the breeder is actually showing the dogs to be sure they are up to standard, and that they are doing all necessary health screening.

    ADD: wikipedia is junk as far as reliabily. Sometimes its OK, but come on think about what it is! They have bogus pages for mutts because people post them there. It does not make it true.

    Use it for quick reference but take everything you read there with a grain of salt.

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    That's True, do research a find out by yourself. So many lies in this answers. AKC is not the only recognize registry in US, that's a big lie. Call AKC and ask them if you have a ACA dog with AKC in his lineage if they accept the ACA registration. The answer is yes, the are recognizing other registries, and they even have a list of Registries they recognize or accepts. Call AKC, ACA, UKC and find out the truth. Don't pay attention to this lies.

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    This Site Might Help You.


    What's the difference between ACA, AKC and all other dog registries?

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    In the US, AKC is the only reputable registry (For Pit Bulls, it's UKC since they're not recognized by the AKC). CKC (Continental Kennel Club), APRI, ACA, UABR, NKC, NHR and any of the others are all scam / Puppy Mill & BYB registries and not worth the paper they're printed on.

    Don't EVER buy a dog recognized by the AKC that is registered with any other registry, you'll be supporting unethical breeding practices.

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    The AKC is a legitimate registry. ACA and the others (APRI, ConKC, etc.) are for-profit registries created by puppy mills in order to avoid dealing with the AKC's requirements.

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    OMG, I can believe that some of this people here are considered top contributors to yahoo answers. Where are their references for their answers?

    ACA and AKC, basically dog registries, one older than the other. One more expensive and the other one cheaper. But basically Standards, rules... that are the main differences.

    AKC is not the only recognize registry in the industry, that's a joke.

    Visit wikipedia that's a good tool for information, they don't allow people to promote stuff, if just good information.

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    The AKC is not the only reputable registry in the U.S. The UKC is the 2nd oldest and reputable registry in the U.S. What you say abou the UKC can be said about the AKC also, since many petstore dogs are AKC registered and in fact, AKC was already to get into bed with Hunte Corporation, who is the largest supplier of dogs to petstores. Also, whether or not a registry is not-for profit or for-profit does has nothing to do with whether they are reputable or not.

    The AKC interest is in conformation, all other sports are second fiddle to the breed ring. UKC has always been known as a Performance registry, their titles reflect that, thru their Total Dog program.

    I show in both, UKC and AKC. Many people who show in AKC also show in UKC, do not assume the quality is different. The last time I was in the UKC breed ring and went BIMBS, I beat an AKC Ch. Golden, AKC Ch. GSD, AKC Ch. Aussie.

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    Us Dog Registry

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    Some dog registrations are reputable and some aren't like Conn KC, APRI, few others. They don't need any proof to show that your dog comes from those parents and make it easier to lie about the dog's parents and grandparents. They might not be purebreed because they don't need any proof

    AKC, FCI, ENCI, UKC, CKC (Canada kennel club), and others are considered reputable. Sometimes they required a proof that your dog bred by those parents. If the dame is being bred by sire of different breeder, the sire's breeder is required to turn in blue tip (I can't remember what's called). Something like that.. Also, some breeds required DNA test.

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