Homeschool vs. Public School?

Hey Y'all!

I have to write a persuasive speech for English, and I'm doing it on Homeschool vs. Public School (pro-homeschool :P) I was hoping to get some opinions and answers to some questions. I'd like answers from people on all different sides: homeschoolers, public schoolers, homeschool moms, teachers, etc. And please tell me which category you fall into. Thanks!

1. Are homeschoolers properly socialized?

a. What does that mean to you?

2. Do homeschoolers get a quality education?

a. Are they prepared for college?

3. Are homeschoolers prepared to function in the "real" world?

a. Are they too sheltered?

Any other pros and cons of either would be great, or any additional points/questions I should add.


Thanks so much for the answers so far! Very interesting, and from a variety of backgrounds...perfect! Just thought I'd add that I am homeschooled, I am a sophmore in highschool and am enrolled in an online school.

Update 2:

Just thought of something else I'd like you to answer...are there certain activities that homeschoolers miss out on? Is this a good or bad thing, depending on the activity?

I thought of prom, and school football games, etc. But those can be offered somewhere else. My best friend attended a homeschool group prom.

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    I was homeschooled. Your question #1 about socialization is good. I was so extremely shy as a kid and would have died in public school haha. But, I eventually came around. I think my brothers and I are better socialized than most public schooled kids. Reason so is we were sheltered, to take this to #3 at the same time. Being sheltered, we end up actually having to analyze things and think them through when we are relweased upon the world. Public schooled people take far too much to be true without thinking about it. often I start questioning people and they ask why I like to argue and fight. I don't fight, I do argue. I don't believe anything 100% for the sole reason that someone said so.

    Do they get a quality education? I think they get far better, mainly because there are less distractions. I don't believe things should be taught "textbook style" That is not how human were created or evolved, whichever one you believe. Of course there is always the possibility of neglect, but I would hardly catagorize that w/ "homeschooling". About activities, this is another plus for homeschoolers. We are not thrust into a world where things like prom are so expected of us that we fail to see that we might not go. There are many good activities homeschoolers can participate in, and it is so much better when they can be chosen by the individual more than by social "norms".

    If cmow5 has a masters degree, this a classic example of the failing of public schools all the way through college. Her arguements are from the "social norm" arguements, which have nothing to do with real life. If I am not mistaken, the social norm is to unplug and try to be lazy, greedy, and to not care about the USA. This kind of un-arguing is becoming the norm. "Just say how you feel and what the masses tell you and you will be right on." Do we need ANY kind of critical thinking to get through college?? I am currently in college and I can say from experience, most students just memorize and repeat. Because that is what they are taught by teachers and peers thier whole life, and they will never learn to think critically.

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    1. Homeschoolers are as socialized as anyone else. The main difference from public schoolers would be that homeschoolers have more opportunities to interact with a wider range of people from various cultures and backgrounds. In public school you spend so much time in a classroom with same age kids from the same zip code.

    a. Socialized to me means being able to interact with other people.

    2. Many homeschoolers get a quality education.

    a. I think most homeschoolers who choose college are well prepared. They have likely spend more time studying on their own and have had more varied experiences leading there.

    3. Homeschoolers spend more time in the "real" world, so they are better prepared to function in it. They see what it takes to live outside of a classroom for more hours every day.

    a. Some homeschoolers may be sheltered, but no more than public schoolers.

    A lot of this really depends on the individual family. There is a lot of variety out there, just like with public school students. Every person is unique and has different experiences.

    I actually think prom is bad example of missing out because as homeschoolers my daughter had the opportunity to go to 3 last year. 2 homeschool ones, and 1 public school.

    The only thing they miss out on is the public school experience. Often homeschoolers get classroom experience which is similar, but it isn't as frequent or as much a part of their lives. Therefore they see things from a different perspective. But, then again, even kids in the same classroom do that, just maybe not to the same degree.

    As for cmow... I find his comments amusing. I try not to be rude to people, but his vanity and ignorance just made me LOL.

    Good luck on your paper :D

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    1. Yes most homeschoolers are actually a lot more social then their public school counterparts. I know my kids are. They are involved in a lot of activies with a lot of different kids and because of homeschooling they have more time for those activities. My kids can get along with anyone, any age. They aren't forced into a classroom of just their peers - they spend time with a lot of different ages.

    2. Yes most homeschoolers get a great education. Contrary to the first answer, not every homeschooler uses dvd's to learn. I have 3 kids - two I teach and one is on virtual school with a teacher for high school. There are many different ways to learn.

    a) Yes they are ready for college. Again not everyone but most. Most parents who care enough to homeschool, care enough to make sure it's a good education. Colleges actively recruit homeschoolers.

    3. Most homeschoolers are in the "real world" more then public schoolers. Public kids are with their peers only for 12 years. A lot of hs kids are with many different ages of kids and adults a lot. They understand the way the world works better then ps kids in a lot of situations. HS kids don't stay in their homes 24/7 and in fact many of the older ones pull down fulltime jobs and do school work on the side. Being sheltered isn't usually a problem. :)

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    I am homeschooled and I love it

    1. depends on where you are. I see other people at least 3 times a week means seeing everyone around, talking to them, calling them on the phone, having communication

    2. they get just as much as teaching as everyone else

    a. i think that i am pretty ready for college. my grades are good enough to get into a good college

    3. again it depends on who you are. it also depends on where you are. in some ways, we aren't. we don't have as many tempations as public school, don't see or hear as much as hard stuff, but it's still there, in different ways

    a. we can be too sheltered but it also depends, do you WANT to be sheltered? just ecause we're homeschooled doesn't mean that we can't see the world

    i personally like being homeschooled for so many reasons!

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    I am personally homeschooled so I hope I know what I'm talking about.

    They are properly socialized. There are places where you go to do things with other homeschoolers called a co-op. Some kids can be unsocialized but if you do the right things like being on sports teams and such you get to socialize with other kids.

    A very good education. Everything before high school is in a book. When you get to high school in order to get a high school diploma you have do it online. I am currently doing my schooling online. It's a fun experience and everything is very well written out and is explained thoroughly. In fact in a conference that my parents took me to they say that colleges like homeschoolers better because they are more independent.

    I think they are prepared to function in the real world quite well. They are independent and determined. They had to stay on pace on their own during homeschooling unlike public schoolers. I think that sets them up for a good job in the future.

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    I'm a homeschooler myself, and love it!

    1. Homeschoolers are often very properly socialized! This is a statement that I often get mad at people saying that we aren't. That's not true--we are! Homeschoolers like to get together to do school work,go on field trips, and do fun things with each other.

    To me, being properly socialized means that

    we can interact with others and not be off to ourselves.

    2. We have a very good eduaction. In fact, homeschoolers can take more time out to study deeper than what public school kids could.

    In public school, you get a short amount of time to study something, after that, it's time to move on to the next subject! We can take as much time out as we want for something as needed.

    As far as school books and curriculum goes, we often use the same books the public school kids use--just at home!

    Homeschoolers also focus on a lot more life skills than public school. (Such as Home etc, sewing and the like)

    The work we do is just as advanced as the public school work, and we get prepared for college too. Right now, I'm duel-enrolling in college--and its helping me to prepare for it:)

    3. We do live in the real world right now--you don't have to be part of the bad things that are going around us to live in the "real world". All you have to do is just watch the news:)

    Homeschoolers aren't usually "sheltered" either.

    I'm not.

    4. I think homeschoolers should be a part of a group--that way you can get involed in other activities (such as prom).

    Our group has prom every year:)

    Source(s): I'm homeschooled:)
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    I am home schooled so let me tell about my side

    1. It depends on the person I know I have tons of friends but like said depend on the parent a how they home school their child.

    1a. Im not sure how to respond.

    2.home schooledoled and i am 2 or 3 grades ahead.

    a. I go to a performing arts school they give u curriculumulim and teach it to uAS ays of the week and I get a schedule online and do it at home (so my mom is really my teacher) and peopletheirhier that arecollegelleg no feel very VERY prepared collegelleg so yes.

    3would saydsay yes. They have opportunitynity to go out in the "real wod" and go shopping or go to the bank with their mom or dad and they can watch the news and see how the stocks work.

    3a. It depends how there mom and dads are I defintly do not feel sheltred because I might be going o Italy France Switzerland and austria with a student ambassadorador program that is NOT with parents.

    Source(s): my homeschooled life
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    Im going to give you a good reason why Home school is better.

    Home school is better because you learn at your speed, if you are a fast learnern, you don't need to be sitting for so many hours listening to your teacher in school.

    1. Are homeschoolers properly socialized?

    Totally yes!!

    This is going to be a little big explanation.

    When you are in public school, have you ever seen groups of kids together? I think your answer is Yes, have you seen they always have a leader? one that tells them what to do, if he laughs every one laughs..

    I think again, your answer will be yes, you can be saying whats this has to do with being socialized?

    Well, as they all the times get a leader, they learn all theirs lives to follow some one, for some one to make decissions for them, because that how they are used to it!!

    When they go out to the real world, a lot are hurt by things said in school, so their auto-steem is very very low.

    Now im home school:

    In home school, you don't get no one to tell you what to do, but your mother; You don't have any one saying harsh stuff to you, and there is no groups, you learn to do things by your self.

    When you go out the real world, you are who you have been al your school life, you communicate with every one, because you trust your self that you can do anything, as you did it in school.

    Enough? that leaves you thinking ahh??

    2. Do homeschoolers get a quality education?

    Yes, home schoolers, get some times very high education.

    People say, you just listen to a Dvd, or read and read books, well there is a lot of online virtual home schools!

    Like (I don't know if this one is in all USA)

    Or < very nice feedback, and support.

    Actually a lot of ome schools have a higher level of education than public schools...

    3. Are homeschoolers prepared to function in the "real" world?

    Of course they are! a lot of home schools offer a lot of parties and stuff, plus we do have friends, don't just think we are in the house all day.

    Their auto-steem is very high, so they think they can do every thing (even if they haven't talk to much to girls/boys.)

    Source(s): My experience.
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    cmow5, I have a good friend who was homeschooled his entire life, entered college early, and was on the college President's list twice for his excellent GPA. He is graduating early from college with a B.S. in engineering and going to graduate school, all without "mommy's" help. Many of his professors, with whom he shares mutual respect, want him to earn his doctorate.

    His younger sister also entered college early, and currently has a 4.0 GPA with plans to major in engineering as well.

    Clearly, you yourself were not very well aware of your public school surroundings, as you have apparently failed to notice the rampant cheating issue present in today's learning institutions. So much for "earning" one's grade.

    I suggest you research your opinions before spouting off false generalizations.

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    Lots of good answers I just want to address cmow5's lies.

    Cmow5 was already proved a liar on the question about Yale.

    I believe the poster is Rick under another name since the style and rants are very similar.

    ETA: from Cmow5's questions & answers he appears to be an out of work highschool football coach that spends all day playing online games. His is not the child psychology expert he has claimed to be.

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