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How do you get rid of dental pain that has no apparent cause?

I've been having slight dental pain around a back tooth for 2 months now. Hot or cold do not bother it. Biting on it does not make the discomfort worse. It kind of feels like an irritation around this one tooth. The tooth was xrayed in October and showed no problems. A week ago, I finally decided it was time to see the dentist about it. He said he could find nothing wrong with the tooth or the gums. He told me to stop using the proxi brush on that tooth for 2 weeks and see if the pain goes away. It's been a week now since seeing the dentist and the discomfort is still there. Today it seems slightly better, but stil there. It's not a severe pain. Just feels like pizza burn. Anyone have any ideas?

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    You might try some of that mouth-numbing gel, Anbesol, and see if it helps...you may actually have some nerve pain, which is sort of what it sounds like.

    Sometimes, nerves go haywire, and send pain signals--that would explain the pizza-burn feeling. Does it hurt all the time or intermittently? Does it seem worse in the morning? Is it possible that you are grinding your teeth at night?

    Perhaps you should try a different toothpaste or mouthwash--maybe you have developed an allergy--I would also throw away the toothbrush and get a new one, just in case you have a bacterial infection that the dentist didn't pick up...

    You, my dear, are a dental mystery!

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    I have similar problems in my mouth with two of my molars.

    Provided the doctor has found nothing wrong with the tooth, like a cavity or crack, it's safe to use a desensitizing gel or a toothpaste like Sensodyne on a regular basis.

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