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Thinking about keeper league.. We have a fairly deep keeper league, each team has 20 players can only keep 3..?

Here is my roster by position... What are your thoughts? which three to keep?

Philip Rivers - QB

Aaron Rodgers - QB

Matt Forte - RB

Reggie Bush - RB

Steve Slaton - RB

Leon Washington - RB

Willie Parker - RB

Anquan Boldin - WR

Antonio Bryant - WR

Hines Ward - WR

T.J. Houshmandzadeh - WR

Tony Gonzalez - TE

Owen Daniels - TE

Stephen Gostkowski - K

Steelers - DEF

Ed Reed - DB

Gabril Wilson - DB

Robert Mathis - DL

Joey Porter - LB

Nick Barnett - LB

So there you have it; my team. I'm thinking Forte may be a must keep, but other than that I'm torn.

Just give your suggestions please. Can only keep 3.

Thanks to all!

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    I would go with Forte, Slaton, and Boldin. Bush is obviously a possibility, but I'm not convinced about his ability to stay on the field. Boldin has had some injury history too, but he's been relatively fast recovery and has a history as a consistent top WR. The Texans seem to be a team ready to step up next year and Slaton is a key part of that. While Gonzalez is at the top of his position again, he's on the down side of his career and TE just doesn't have the spread in fantasy points to justify keeping him over one of the others.

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