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If the Yankees sign Burnett and Pettitte...?

Won't they have the best staff in the majors? Who can compare to Sabathia, Wang, Burnett, Pettitte and Joba?

...on paper, it seems insurmountable.

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  • Veto R
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    No... The Yankees will have a solid pitching staff, which, with their offense is all they need, but it won't compare to legendary staffs such as the big 3 of the Braves -- Maddux, Glavine and Smoltz. And, it won't be as good as the Red Sox top four: Beckett, Lester, Matsuzaka and Wakefield. But, OTOH, the Red Sox don't have the bats the Yankees do, so it balances out in the end.

    Sabathia is, IMHO, a good number 2/3 pitcher and a merely average top of the rotation guy. Burnett had great numbers last year, but over his six previous seasons to last year, he was 39-36 with a 3.72 ERA. In the last seven years, he has thrown for over 200 innings only twice, last year and in 2005. Pettitte is very much on the downside of a long career and was 14-14, with a 4.54 -- his third straight year with a 4.00+ ERA. Wang may be the "ace" of the staff, but he is a soft thrower, averaging just 4.02 strikeouts over nine innings for his career, and is a better Number 2/3 pitcher than he is helming the top of the order. Phil Hughes, Joba Chamberlain, Alfredo Aceves, Ian Kennedy and Chase Wright have just 52 career starts.

    As noted, if, and this is a big if, the Yankees sign Burnett and Pettitte, they have a good chance for a solid starting staff. Now, the offense does have some question marks, although A Rod gives it a stellar run producer and Derek Jeter and Johnny Damon should put in another consistent season. Still, the Yanks need Xavier Nady and Jorge Posada to be healthy for the year, Nick Swisher to rebound from a bad year (24 homers, yes, but just a .219 batting average and only 69 RBIs), for Robinson Cano to return to his first year form and for Brett Gardner to come through. If the offense can come through, then a solid pitching staff could send the Yankees deep into the playoffs.

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    I think they should not pursue Burnet if they want only the best, they should try to get Peavy instead.

    Then Sabathia, Peavy, Wang, Pettitte and Joba will be the best rotation in 2009. Or they can put Joba in the pen and put AJ in fourth spot. Then they can get 2~4 more wins from Pettette being facing 5th starter from other team all the time.

    That rotation will be better than or at least matching 1999 Yankees of

    Orlando Hernandez, David Cone, Pettitte and Roger Clemens (I still think this Yankees rotation is one of the best in last 2 decades)

    or 1998 Braves:

    Danny Neagel, Greg Maddux, John smoltz, Tom Glavine and Kevin Millwood. (I still don't know how Andy Ashby and Kevin Brown beat those guys).

  • Topher
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    I think they would be better if they added Ben Sheets or Derek Lowe to the rotation and put Joba back in the bullpen as the set up man because Joba is the only what that seems to have the right stuff to do so. Joba is not ready for the rotation, even if Hank and Hal say he is. He still needs to expand his game, maybe use him as a starter whenever they want to give the other guys a day off, but keep him in the bullpen, at least for this year.

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    And a bit to add to Veto R. Burnett didn't start pitching good until Gaston came. Maybe because Gaston helped him out a lot. C.C also didn't pitch good until he becamea Brewer probably meaning he liked how the mound felt at Milwaukee. So that leaves no guarantees for both of these pitchers and how well they will do.

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    I Really think that C.C is one of the most overrated pitchers in baseball...Granted he pitched amazing for the Brews in the second half what people have to realize is that C.C has never completed a season with a sub 3 ERA excluding the brewers in the second half.

    I think that rotation is really soild but it dosent compare to Josh B, Dice-k,Lester. Even the Rays starting rotation is probly a little better or about even

    It's good....not the best

    Source(s): Phillies Phan
  • Chris
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    It's a big if for them to sign both Burnett and Pettitte................but it would be close between them and a rotation of Lester, Matzusaka, Beckett, Tazawa and Wakefield

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    I agree with Veto!! Plus Pettitte is not coming back to NY for a pay cut.. I have been hearing he is in talks with LA to be with Torre!! If he does come back with a pay cut they must have offered him some good incentives!!

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