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1 母親同子女同時申請,邊個會快D批到綠卡,定係同時間批到?

2 母親見移民官時,會問及子女狀況嗎?

3 子女需要見移民官做interview或者提供任何手續同文件嗎?

4 若子女獲批發綠卡,需要回港轉身份嗎?

5 由遞交申請表刻開始計,大約需要幾耐時間先知批5批呢? 






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    first, if you are not married you can.

    1. nobody know which person will be approved first, even they are submit the application in the same time.

    2. when your mom submit her green card application form, she MUST included her children name in it.

    3. not yet, but you will have the interview when the time come.

    4. NO, because you were legal entry America.

    5. your sister seems will be sooner than you.

    but if your mom can become US citizen in next 3 years, you two can have green card in less than a year after.

    2008-12-18 07:30:01 補充:

    once the green card approved, no need to go back to HK....

    you can change the residence status in USA.

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    1) If your stepfather apply for you as well, then it will be approved altogether as all of you can be included in a single relative petition. You will be considered as Immediate Relative (IR).

    2) Usually no.

    3) It will be the same as your mother.

    4) Your logic is wrong. You won't get a green card unless you have adjusted the status. Therefore, you will receive a green card only the Consulate issued your immigrant visa and you have landed, or you have successfully adjusted your status in the United States.

    5) Usual IR application takes 6 months. It really depends on the processing center.

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