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Subject: ROC Military To Be Fully Volunteer Force By 2014 First, Taiwan news... Taiwan plans to phase out mandatory military service within five years. According to vice defense minister Zhang Liang-ren ... the fully volunteer military program will be promoted in a gradual manner, with the number of uniformed men and women recruited through a voluntary enlistment system increasing 10 percent year-on-year from 2010. He said by 2014, the island's armed forces will be a completely voluntary and professional force. Speaking at the forum on a volunteer military and the transformation of the armed forces, Zhang said the government will take advantage of the eased atmosphere across the Taiwan Strait to restructure the military. A volunteer military was a campaign promise by president Ma Ying-jeou ... and speaking back in June Ma said after the voluntary enlistment system is in place, the military will be further streamlined and a smaller but stronger military established. The streamlining is already underway ... with the number of military personnel to be reduced to a total of 275,000 by the end of this year.

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    根據副國防部長***表示 台灣計劃將於五年內逐漸取消徵兵制

    自願役將會逐步地進行推廣 從2010年起將逐年提升10%的男女兵源數量


    就自願役的制度建立和軍隊轉型來說 他表示政府將藉此時兩岸合諧的氣氛來重整軍隊


    總統說當自願役實施後 軍隊會有效率 小卻是更有力

    軍隊精簡(效率)化早已在進行 今年年底將降低到人員總數275000

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