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ps. 我要的不是格式, 希望解答的人能幫我寫英文的範本出來

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    法定代理人 : Power of Attorney

    Letter head 就寫" Power of Attorney",下列是全文:

    Power of Attorney

    I'd like to appoint Mr. X(朋友名字), as my power of attorney, and on my behalf to take care of my vehicle issues, including car repairing and resell.

    With Regards,

    Your name here

    2008-12-16 16:27:39 補充:

    用appoint, or fully authorize Mr. X ... 皆可

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    If you didn't state the details such as terms and condistions of your authorization for your car in Chinese at the first place, it's hard to do this favour for you as I don't know what's the actual situation is at your end.

    Source(s): myself, and just try to do a favour, if I could.
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