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Is there a different between a normal socks and ski socks?

I mean I'm going to a ski trip soon and wonder why should I buy a ski socks, it seems the same from other socks... right?

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    What kind of socks you choose to wear is entirely up to you. Personally I use ski socks made from a wool/synthetic blend. I have several pair from several companies and all average about $15 a pair. Personally, I think that's too expensive so I buy them on sale or I purchase seconds from factory outlets and get them for about 1/2 price. Since all I use them for is skiing, they tend to last a long time and I have had several pair for 5 years now.

    What you should do is decide what socks you prefer to wear and get your boots fitted while wearing those socks. If you choose to wear a thin liner sock or a thicker hiking sock it won't matter as long as the boot is fitted the right way.

    If you are renting boots at the ski mountain, take a few pair of socks of different thickness. Rental boots can not be custom fit and often the insulation in the boots is packed out. The boot might fit well in the morning and by mid-day you might be swimming in the boot (or vice versa if your foot swells up.) Changing sock thickness during the day might be something you have to do.

    My only suggestions are don't wear cotton socks and wear a fitted sock with a defined toe and heel. Tube socks or loose fitting socks will shift inside the boot and you may have discomfort, poor circulation, or numbness if the sock bunches up inside the boot.

    Have Fun...Good Luck!

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    Snow Ski Socks

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    It really depends on you what you want to wear. Ski socks are designed to support your leg and to fit smoothly in your boots. They are also made with an absorbent material that will wick any moisture away from your foot. They are higher on the leg than most socks and help keep the leg and foot warm. A pair of good outdoor socks may work, but for upper level skiing, they can be too bulky in the boot. If you are only going to ski a couple of days in your life, then no you don't need them. If you ski 100 days a season as I do, they are vital.

    Have fun.

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    There are some definite differences, but its your choice as to whether you want to spend the $15-$20 on a pair.

    Technologies that some ski socks have:

    -Ultrawicking materials

    -Antimicrobial components to the materials so your feet don't stank

    -Increased shin padding for where you pressure on the front of the ski boot

    -Increased padding around heel and toe areas to pack out your ski boot and enhance fit

    -Compressed material on the top of your ankle so that when flexing the material doesn't bunch up and cause a pressure point


    If I had to chose for myself I would definitely buy a good couple pairs of ski socks just to keep my feet happy. Your toes will thank you in ski socks because they will be a lot warmer and dryer at the end of the day. If you don't want to spend the money the one thing that needs to be stressed is DON'T WEAR COTTON SOCKS the moisture will not wick away from your foot so you're feet will get wet from perspiration and if its cold enough they will start to freeze and you can get frostbite real quick. Cotton is like kryptonite to a good day of skiing. Find wool socks (thats what most ski socks are made of) and if you're going to be renting ski boots especially look for a thick wool sock to fill out the rental boot because other people's feet will have compressed the lining in strange ways.

    Also: Pack enough socks for every day of skiing or find a really good place for your socks to air dry at the end of the day because if you reuse socks and they have any moisture still in them you're going to be miserable by your second run. Taking a couple extra pairs for night time outdoor activities is always good too : )

    Good Luck

    Source(s): I've been a ski store salesperson and avid skier since diapers.
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    Ski socks are O.K.

    I usually wear dress socks or something as thin as possible. Very thick wool socks is about the worst suggestion for skiing that I have ever tried. When I ski, I want my foot and ski boot to become as one with as little padding for my foot to float around in as possible.

    I put a small amount of talcum or corn starch in my boot liner before the day to absorb moisture.

    When I am skiing, it isn't about how comfortable my equipment is to wear as much as it is about how easy it is to control my speed and direction

    Comfort is great. I love comfort, but I would gladly give up the comfort of my leather chair in front of the tv for a day of skiing.

    Save the thick socks for snowshoeing and enjoy some control.

    Source(s): - Eight years in the ski industry in Western Canada and way over a thousand days of skiing and no longer counting
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    there are alot of differences the socks are thinker so there warmer there also Alot more water resilient

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