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To which city did the star first lead the astrologers(Wise Men)?

What did King Herod want the astrologers to do?

Why did Herod want to know where Jesus could be found?

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    They went to Jerusalem, the most populous city and the "city of kings" for the nation of Israel.

    They started asking around about this "one that is born king of the Jews". This was upsetting news to the people in general and caused such an uproar that Herod had them called in secretly to hear their account.

    Herod was the one that sent them to Bethlehem based on the information he had obtained from his chief priests and scribes.

    It was only when they were on their way to Bethlehem that the star reappears and moves forward, leading them to the "YOUNG CHILD" in his HOME.

    Herod wanted to put this child to death, since he figured any child which had drawn that much attention to have visiting officials from a foreign land come the distance they did was obviously a threat to him or his family somewhere down the road.

    Matthew chapter 2.

    Source(s): One of Jehovah's Witnesses
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    The Wise Men went to Jerusalem first... [the City of David lays just outside the walls of Jerusalem.] ...Herod wanted the Kings to return and tell him when they found this new-born King.

    Herod's purposes were to kill the child.

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    Bethlehem - Herod pretended to want to know where to worship Jesus. He actually wanted Jesus killed. Herod was king at the time, and didn't want Jesus taking his place.

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    The "Wise Men" were kings from a country which at the time believed that stars appeared over wehere babies were born, the greater the star=the greater importance of hte one being born.

    Jesus' star was huge, thats why they went to it.

    King Herod wanted the wise men to return to him once they found Jesus and tell him wehere he was so he could "worship him" (really kill him)

    Jesus was the King of the Jews. Herod was King at the time so felt threatened.

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    Little known fact it was Las Vegas

    King Herod wanted them to gamble and see a show

    KIng Herod thought Jesus owed him money..


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    The wise men came from the East.

    They saw a star in the East.

    So they followed that star to the East.

    And instead of drowning in the Mediterranean or Atlantic, they got to Bethlehem! It's a miracle!

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    Bethlehem, but it was in June and the 'star' was Venus and Jupiter

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    It probably wasnt Bethlehem as there is doubt that this town existed at the time.

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    Source(s): TiP stole my answer!!! :( what happens in Bethlehem stays in Bethlehem.
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