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what healthy things should i shop for?

next time i go to the grocery store, what should i buy to keep myself healthy and to lose weigth at the same time, i need specifics, like things i can make for dinner that are healthy, and little snacks, and breakfast

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    As a general rule, your healthiest foods are the ones around the outside of the store. The center of the store is mostly processed foods, foods that aren't as healthy.

    There's a really neat book called "Eat This, Not That!" that I use to do my grocery shopping for all of the "middle of the store" foods. Mostly I buy produce, skim milk, eggs, plain yogurt, Campbell's Select soups, canned veggies, frozen fruits and veggies.

    Check out that book. It'll give you some good ideas. A good rule of thumb is that the less processed it is, the healthier it is. If it grows or was alive, it's good for you.

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    get the basics,then mix and match.

    get whole grains:whole grain bread,brown rice,whole wheat pasta,cereals

    get lean meats:turkey,chicken,beef,tuna in water or if you are vegetarian,get beans :D

    get vegetables:vary the colours,lettuce,carrots,tomatoes,cabbage,broccoli

    get fruits:fresh,canned or dried,they are all good!

    and some basics:chili sauce,low-fat mayo,peanut butter(i prefer nutella),skimmed/low-fat milk.

    then,mix and match for the meal you plan to eat :D

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