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I'm failing 2 classes, hate my new school?

I just switched high schools this year. I haven't made any friends here and everyone ignores me. I absolutely hate it here. The classes are so hard. I'm ALREADY in lower level classes and I'm still finding them hard. I have a 42 in chemistry, and a 52 in geometry. I honestly don't think I'm a stupid kid though. I don't know why I'm finding this so hard, and it's making me so upset. I always feel like I'm under pressure and it's making my life here worse. How am I gonna go to college when I'm failing my classes?

Someone PLEASE help me...


ALSO My parents are all upset. They're saying "we're gonna go in to your school and talk to your teachers." But I don't want them talking to my teachers. They don't speak english very well. They honestly don't know how to talk to people.

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    trust me tutors make so much of a difference! and so does like studying and doing ur homework..

    if you have an older sibling try to get them to help u

    btw seriously study everynight... i studied one night before a chem quiz, and got a 37.... studied every night for 3 nights for the next test and got a 98

    so study more!

    get a tutor or see if your teachers will let u come in early for help-trust me it helps so much

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    I've changed school so many times from my parents moving. I have been to over 16 different schools and i'm a junior. The only thing i can say, which works for me is.....

    Screw the people at your new school. If they don't want to talk to you they aren't worth it. And for the new school thing don't let anything get in your way. Go for help in the morning from teacher or stay after school. Apply your self set time out for "me" time. And the pressure you feel is pressure you are putting on your self. Nobody is stupid it's just lack of effort, you don't think you can do it so you don't. And stop being all "oh poor me."

    I know that's harsh but it's honestly the truth.

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    Hunny, i know how it feels. I was new this year in high school. I started failing my classes in the begging of the year cuz i was most focused on making friends, but that landed me into deep **** now. Now that i have been absent so much, ignoring my homework and ****, now if im late or absent 4 more times this year then they get to kick me outta school, and i sure as hell cant do that. Also i have hw like 5 essays per day for homework its a night mare. go to some after school clubs, cuz usually sum kids hang out there from different grade levels like a homework club, i know it seems gay just try it. Dont be shy and ask for help from ur teachers, the worst is that u fail ur classes and u have no friends. friends will come either way, trust me, ive been new in too many schools and find it the same hard every single time. it takes a while until u earn everybodys respect and let ppl know ur coolness. i used to be fuking INVISIBLE, until now cuz i got friends and acted myself. dont stress, thats the worst, get on with ur work and friends come thats the most important right now. i remember being new in my london school, for the first 2 months i was a loner cuz i was accidently put into a grade lower than i was suppose to be and so i made no friends until i did all of my homework all the time and finally they moved me up and then i needed like another month to settle in. i would go home everday and cry and beg my mom not to go back to school ever again, but she pushed me and finally friends came. So just be really nice towards ur fellow students and put alotta effort onto ur work, dont stress, and remeber friends WILL come, i promise! Good luck!

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    I know how you feel! I'm a junior in high school and I still feel like that at times. Hope these tips help you! - Start getting organized. Get a binder, label your classes, use folders, etc. It really helps!! - Use an agenda! I used to think they were so useless but they actually really help. Write down when homework is due and any important dates you need to remember. - Don't let work pile up. Don't procrastinate, do your homework first thing when you get home! Just get it out of the way so you have the rest of the day to yourself. ^^ - Whenever you have the opportunity to do extra credit, DO IT!!! - If your teacher lets you, turn in your assignments early so you won't lose them. - Keep your backpack neat and clean and get rid of anything you don't need. Don't let trash and useless papers pile up in your backpack. They will just take up valuable space and might confuse you to throw away an assignment you actually needed. - Get a tutor if you really need one and stay after school to catch up on work you've missed. *I'll try to add some more if I think of any. Good luck.

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    Do you do your homework? You would be suprised how much homework completion can bring up your average. When you study for a test, it is good to set little goals. For example, say that you want to have every multiplication table down within an hour. (I know you already know multiplication, I just needed an examples) And also take breaks while you are studying.

    It's a good idea to talk ot your teachers so they can tell you what you need to do to bring up your average. You could also stay after for extra help.

    And to make friends, join a sports team, or a club. You really make a lot of friends through those

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    Okay, calm down. Take a deep breath. Everything in life takes time and involves pressure. Find some friends in your class. Start by treating them well. They will eventually accept you. I was in your position before after switching classes. I was doubtful but eventually made friends.

    But another way to think is not to think about friends but to think about grades. Friends can reduce your way of thinking. Just study hard, get to a good class or sign up for an additional course.

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    First off, get a tutor. There are lots of tutoring websites for any subject with live help, 24/7. I wish they had this back when I was in high school.

    Don't worry about getting into a college. Your top priority right now is to graduate from high school. Once you do that, you can go to a community college. From there, you can transfer to a 4 year university. That's what I did.

    All you need to do is get your high school diploma, and you can reboot your life and become anything you want to be.

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    You know what? I have the same problem. I just moved to a new place for High School and I have no friends and yes they do ignore. Well I'm failing my classes too. If you hate your new school, do homeschooling! It's awesome, seriously. Or if you don;'t like that idea just talk to people, talk to them in P.E. if you have it that Tri. I can totally relate, and Homeschooling is the best, because you don't have to worry about anything. or go to a private school! Or go to a school where you only have to go 3 times a week.

    Since I can relate to you, I'd do homeschooling, and you could still get into a good college. Good Luck!

  • This is what you should do. You should immediately tell an adult in your family such as your mom, dad, uncle etc that you are finding a few subjects difficult in school and maybe they could find a private tutor to help you catch up with the work you don't understand. Also about the fact that you can't make friends fast enough, you could maybe go to your guidance counselor and talk to her and trust me, she will actually make a BIG difference in your life. Well i hope i helped. Good Luck =]

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    If i wore

    yu i would check

    my clothing

    make guys

    go whoa

    they'll talk to You

    that way when they hit

    on you ,girls

    are not gonna have a choice but to talk

    to Yu just so they could talk to guys

    and also the reason your failing is

    because you have no friends

    your to focused on it that

    you are trying to pay attention

    but you really cant

    people see you as a weirdo

    just because they dont know you

    do extra credit

    in homework

    ask for help

    that will get your grade up

    and on test

    study at least 2 hours

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    I would go to before and after school tutoring and ask all teachers for extra credit opportunities. Showing that you are pursuing help will usually soften up the teacher and make them more lenient with grades. Sorry...but good colleges dont accept bad students. Not saying that you are but your grades reflect that. Message me if you need help in anything. Good luck.

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