What is the difference between XBox 360 arcade, pro and elite versions?

My 13 year old son has asked for an XBox 360 for Christmas. I'd like to get the arcade version because it is more affordable but would like to know how that would limit my son's gaming abilities. Please advise.

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    1 decade ago
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    1st of all the arcade is the cheapest but the worst eventually you'll have to further buy a hard drive

    The pro is an arcadde with a a hard drive(60gb) and works out cheaper than buying an arcade and buying a hard drive

    an elite is an xbox that is supposed to be faster with a 120gb hard drive but its just the storage thats different in my opinion

    I am young and I would prefer an xbox pro to an elite as with the pro you can afford a few games along side the present

    your son will love it but hopefully not become an addict lol

    Hope this helps

  • Ruth
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    4 years ago

    well all 360's are equally prone to getting red rings as the other the arcade just come with the 360 and controller this is the basic package the 360 pro come with like 1 month xbox live gold card and like a 20 gig hard drive and the elite come with the black 360 (no different but the color) and like a 120 gig hard drive a black controller (again no different it just looks better then white) and a 1 month xbox live gold the elite is the most expensive then the pro is second most and the arcade is the least but also the worse so if i was you i'd get the pro because that's all anyone really needs for an xbox and all xbox 360 come with a lifetime warrinty if it involves the red rings

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    4 years ago

    For the best answers, search on this site https://shorturl.im/awUMT

    The Xbox 360 Pro (now simply packaged as the Xbox 360) is white and includes a 60Gb hard drive and connectors for composite (low def) or component (high def) connection to a TV or monitor. The Xbox 360 Elite is black and includes a 120Gb hard drive, connectors for composite or component connection to a TV monitor as well as an HDMI cable. Hardware wise, the two SKUs are identical. Newer Pro stock also have an HDMI port and cooler running chipset as introduced in the Arcade and Elite SKUs. Be sure to check the Pro box for an HDMI icon, though any new stock such as that with the Lego Indiana Jones/ Kung Fu Panda bundle should be fine. The Xbox 360 hard drive is removable, and the entry level arcade SKU does not include one. The Memory Unit provides a cheaper storage alternative for people that do not wish to spend the extra on a hard drive. It is also useful for moving data between consoles (for example taking your profile with you when playing on a friend's console).

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Arcade it just come with some cheap arcade game

    Pro it come with a 20 gig hardrive

    Elite just as it said its only for elite gamer (like me) not right for your son

    you should get the arcade if you dont want your son to play alot and on the 360 there is a parental option in system option or whatever and just put a password in and your son cant play a certain game rating like M or T

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    To answer your question it would if you are a original xbox owner because the Xbox 360 arcade does not play xbox original games like halo while the pro and elite can Here are the specifics

    Xbox Arcade(White)

    5 arcade games and sonic tennis

    only plays Xbox 360 games

    The memory is 256 mb (it isn't a lot so i recommend to buy a separate hard drive)

    Wireless controller(White)

    no headset

    no network cable(for xbox live)

    no HDMI cable

    Silver xbox membership(for browsing the xbox market place If you buy gold membership)

    Standard AV cable

    Xbox Pro(White)

    60 gb of memory


    Wireless controller(White)

    Network cable

    Standard/HD AV cable

    No HDMI output

    All xbox 360 Games and xbox games

    Silver Xbox live

    Xbox 360 Elite(Black)

    90 GB of memory

    Wireless controller(Black)


    Network cable

    Standard/HD AV cable

    HDMI output

    Silver xbox live

    All Xbox games and xbox 360 games

    I would recommend the pro cause now it is selling with 2 games and if his friends have xbox live he can play with them, they have a 1 month trial for xbox live gold and he can spend his birthday money on things he wants because he would spend all his money on a hard drive and a headset and things like that unless u want to pay him another 100$ for accessories

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    the arcade does not come with a hard drive which means you will need to buy 1.) a separate hard drive or 2.) you can get a small memory card. the prices range from 20-150ish dollars. The arcade would limit you because you will not be able to save games, download games, or get the new xbox experience because it requires a hard drive.

    the new pro versions come with a 60 GB hard drive and has a chrome front where the disk goes in.

    the elite comes in black with a 120GB hard drive.

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    1 decade ago

    Xbox 360 Arcade:

    - Xbox 360 Console

    - Wireless Controller

    - Portable Memory Unit

    - Ethernet Cable

    Xbox 360 Pro:

    - Xbox 360 Console

    - Wireless Controller

    - 20GB Hard Drive

    - Wired Headset

    - Ethernet Cable

    - Component HD AV Cable

    - Kung Fu Panda

    - Lego: Indiana Jones

    Xbox 360 Elite:

    - Black Xbox 360 Console

    - Black Wireless Controller

    - 120 GB Hard Drive

    - Black Wired Headset

    - HDMI Cable

    - Ethernet Cable

    - Kung Fu Panda

    - Lego: Indiana Jones

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    ok the arcade comes with:

    5 arcade games, console, 1 controler and a memmory unit

    the pro has

    60GB hard drive with 2 free games, console and one controler

    also ethernet cable and i think 1 month free of xbox live gold

    the elite has

    120 GB hard drive 2 free games, black console and black controler

    also an ethernet cable i think 1 monthe free of xbox live gold

    all have HDMI out puts i would get the pro if i were you because it's a good deal i got my Xbox 360 in December of 07 and it was 349.99 and it came with everything but the hard drive was a 20 GB.

    so the Pro is a very good gift for your son

    also buygames like

    Halo 3

    Cod4 or 5

    and Gears 2

    gears of war 2 is a bloddy game so it depends

    Hope this information helped

    the guy under me said 20 GB but it's actually changed it to a 60 GB

    if your son gets xbox live he can add me as a freind my gamertag is: I gS I Zunduro

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    Arcade has no harddrive.

    Pro has been discontinued

    Elite is the best with a 120GB Harddrive and internal cooling fan.

    Honestly I would buy the Elite because

    a) more memory

    b) looks cooler

    c) runs cooler

    d) Harddrive

  • Lfeata
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    1 decade ago

    direct from some stores (not online) but i think best buy and FYE have them, you can get a 20G hardrive for 249-259, so its 50 bucks cheaper than the 60G. if he is a serious gamer and does alot of online gaming id suggest the 60G, i cant imagine anyone needing 120, but who knows... the 60G is usually a better deal than the 20G cause you get 2 games with it, however it is 300 instead of 250. id go with the pro 60G for the best bang for your buck.

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