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Is this "tank" ok for an adult "Grow-A-Frog?" (African Clawed Frog)?

My little sister got a Grow-A-Frog ( kit and we are getting a Grow-A-Frog tadpole soon. We have the tank for when it is a tadpole, but I've read that ACFs (African Clawed Frogs) need 10 or more gallons when fully grown. This is the tank:

My little sister used to have hermit crabs and used this habitat for them. It's in my garage and I haven't been able to find out how many gallons it is, but it's pretty big.

Thanks for your help! ♥

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    I don't know how big that tank is, so there's no way I could tell you if it's good or not. Either way, though, you need to get a filtered tank, not that thing. When clawed frogs get big, they create a LOT of waste. You're going to want a lot of filtration for it.

    There are aquarium volume calculators online that will help you figure out how big the tank is. All you do is plug in the dimensions of the area you could fill with water and it calculates the volume for you.

    I would suggest a 10 gallon for a clawed frog. Females get close to 8" and males around 5-6". You're going to want a bigger tank.

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    that looks like it's about one gallon, maybe two. ten is bigger. however, i don't think you actually need ten gallons. most info cites say you need huge cages, but frogs only have a memory of ten seconds so it's a new habitat every time they turn around. and as long as they have enough room to swim around, i'd say it's fine.

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