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R&P: Yearbook time? :)?

Pretend the R&P section has a yearbook coming out...haha

Who would you vote as~

Class Couple

Class Clown

Most Athletic

Most likely to rule the world one day

Class Musician

Most Talented

Best Smile

Most friendly

and whatever common yearbook things that are used....or make up some of your own....

Have fun :)

MQ~ Favorite metal song of the moment?


you know it FFAF :)

Update 2:

lmao....Bang you have an answer for those? :)

Update 3:

LMAO Zach :)

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Class Couple...I am going for me and you we are HOTTTTTTTTT lmao:P

    Class Clown - he kills me sometimes hehee

    Most Athletic - Zach...I dunno why...just because hehe

    Most Likely to Rule The World - Nancy D, she will sneak her way in there than POW she is the leader hehe

    Class Musician - know why

    Most talented - Kyle...he knows all the good bands

    Best Smile - Gig....she loves those smiley faces hehe

    Most Friendly - The rest of my contacts...your guys ROCK!

    MA: With You - Machinemade God

  • 1 decade ago

    Class Couple: Brad and Angelina! I wanna be a bridesmaid! No! I'll go online and become a minister! Then I can perform the wedding!

    Class Clown: Can I vote for me?

    Most Athletic: Mother Russia

    Most Likely to Rule the World: Darth

    Class Musician: Shred

    Most Talented: Ms. Jackson

    Best Smile: Zelda

    Most Friendly: Sabrina

    Thanks to those of you who mentioned me!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Class Couple - You know the answer to this one!

    Class Clown - APC, Riki, Fonzie, T.S.R

    Most Athletic - Pocket Jokers

    Most likely to rule the world one day - Paperbag, Ms Jackson, and I agree Jimmy Jazz too

    Class Musician - Sheder

    Most Talented - Floydian Trooper

    Best Smile - olive

    Most friendly - Sabrina

    Random - Metal Mark

    Most artistic - Roxel, Late night Rendezvous, Zach, ICSFM

    Most interested - unplugged

    Active School participant - Vapor Trails

    Friends with Everyone - Zelda

    Source(s): No problemo PJ--- you always ask soccer Q's
  • 1 decade ago

    Class Couple: You and FAFF lol

    Class Clown: APC

    Most Athletic: idk?

    Most likely to rule the world one day: Zach

    Class Musician: Shredder

    Most Talented: Rock Addict

    Best Smile: OzzyFan

    Most friendly: Everyone! Except for a very few!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Class Couple -- Sabrina and Paperbag

    Class Clown -- I don't know, maybe ICSFM

    Most Athletic -- As Stone Cold mentioned, we both run track

    Most likely to rule the world -- Jimmy Jazz, if he's ever motivated enough

    Musician -- Shred

    Talented -- Anyone who's double-jointed

    Best smile -- Gig

    Most friendly -- Floating In Glass

    E=mc(squared) -- Me, I occasionally answer Mathematics Q's

    Most likely to make a million -- Elvis Guru

    Most likely to steal a million -- I don't know, you all seem honest

    Most likely to flame out in a huge car crash -- beatlesmaniac

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Class Couple- Adam and Vashti =D

    Class Clown- APC

    Most Athletic- -i will come back to this-

    Most likely to rule the world one day Kalimada

    Class Musician Shreder

    Most Talented Shreder

    Best Smile Gig

    Most friendly FFAF and Nancy

  • 1 decade ago

    Class couple - Sabrina and Paperbag (oh, I have fun)

    Class clown - Rikitiki

    Most athletic -

    Most likely to rule the world one day - Jimmy Jazz

    Class musician -

    Most talented - Karl

    Best smile - Gigilove

    Most friendly - Ms. Jackson

    MQ: Love Me Like a Reptile - Motorhead

    Wow, 3 thumbs up for an edit? I guess we're friendly today.

    edit: That's right, Sal Paradise. What you left out is the part where I gamble it away, and die tragically of a heroin overdose.

  • 1 decade ago

    Class Couple: hmmm... I'll edit I guess

    Class Clown: APC

    Most Athletic: Mother Russia

    Most likely to rule the world one day: Adam because him and Cristina Scabbia will rule the world one day. :)

    Class Musician: Darth

    Most Talented: Roxel

    Best Smile: Vashti

    Most friendly: Taylor!

  • Adam
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    Class Couple - I know of some people who do like other people on here but ive been sworn to secrecy

    Class Clown - Lemony (doesn't come here much but class clown fits her PERFECT)

    Most Athletic - Mother russia

    Most likely to rule the world one day - Ale (her and Matt Tuck will rule the world) XD

    Class Musician - Kyle

    Most Talented - hmmm I will say Roxel just cause its the name that popped in my head first. lol

    Best Smile - Zelda

    Most friendly - Taylor

    MQ: Lacuna coil - "To the edge"

  • 1 decade ago

    Oh, this looks like fun!

    Class Couple: A three-way tie! You and FFAF, Sabrina and Paperbag, and Stephen and Beatles maniac!

    Class Clown: ICSFM. Or Paperbag.

    Most Athletic: Earshot, maybe?

    Most Likely to Rule the World: Ron-Johns. Definitely--we should be nicer to Canada.

    Class Musician: Radio Waves.

    Most Talented:

    Best Smile: Stone Cold Crazy.

    Friendliest: olive. or Sabrina.

    Most likely to know obscure bands: Radio Waves.

    Most likely to know what a pizza paddle is, let alone own one: You and FFAF.

    Most passionate: shreder

    Most likely to make a 'that's what she said' joke: Beatles Girl

    Most likely to have a muffin top: In a few years, me if I keep eating fast food and ramen like I do now.

    Most likely to marry a musician: Ron-Johns or Sabrina.

    Most guns owned: Darth

    Most likely to actually BE Bob Dylan: likegibberish.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Class Couple - uhhh...let's just go with you and FFAF :)

    Class Clown - ICSFMSLUT :)

    Most Athletic - Roxel...he has to run like, 6 miles every day :P

    Most likely to Rule the World - ..ill come back to that one

    Class Musician - Shreder I guess

    Most Talented -

    Best Smile - Gig

    Most Friendly - All my contacts :D


    What?! Paperbag's a guy?

    I had no idea....


    Zack, I agree. I can't stand that guy! :P

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