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slavery in the united states?

how long did slavery in the united states last??

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    A form of slavery was practiced among some natives inhabitants before there was ever a United States to talk about. Traditional North American white on black slavery started just after the first settlers. While slavery is illegal today, it still happens with the US. In fact at least 14,500 slaves are traficked into the US every year, and that figure doesn't include native born slaves. Slavery was made illegal in the 1860's so the traditional answer that would refer to the Trans-Atlantic slave trade is about 250 years, although that is semantically inaccurate when inquiring about all forms and legal statuses of slavery.

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    How many? You wont find answers anywhere. Even the FBI wont say anything about that. But the slave trade is alive and kicking worldwide. There is not a single country in the world that does not have slave trade. I think most of the slave trade nowadays is relagated to the sale of females for both servants and sexual related things. But guys, hermaphrodites and unisex people are also being bought and sold. I once saw a list from Saudi Arabia with people for sale on it. Your Joe Average person goes for anywhere from $1500 to $5000. There are exceptions, and the rare ones can go for much more, even millions.

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    From the beginning to 1865.

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