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Literary Analysis on Arthur Miller's in Death of A Salesman?

I need help in writing an essay about how the American Dream has been misinterpreted and applied by Willy in Death of a salesman

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    From Shmoop Lit/Theme of Vision of American in Death of A Salesman

    While characters such as Willy, Linda, and Happy believe the U.S. to be a wellspring of easy opportunity and imminent success, the 1940s America of Death of a Salesman is crowded, competitive and mundane. This contrast sets up an important gap between reality and characters’ aspirations in the play. In the end, Willy’s belief that his self-worth is determined by material success destroys him.

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    Um...didn't anyone tell you that it's supposed to be _your_ literary criticism, not something you found on the internet? Your degree isn't in use of Google, surely? "It needs to be written by a professional." No, it needs to be written by _you_.

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