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When do you stand up and hold the U.S. Government accountable?


WMD, the economy is fine, repeal the Bush Tax Cuts, Health Care etc. Unemployment 6.7% vs. U6 real Unemployment 13.8%, Haliburton, KBR, The Carlyle Group


The American people demanded no bailout to the financial industry 90:1, Congress ignored it, Inflation reported at 3.3% officially vs. real inflation 10%-13.5% maybe higher (also see lies)


Blackwater, 90,000 civilians killed since 2003 (WMDs)


Gitmo, Abu Ghraib, Every Rape Room Prison in America


Gov. Blagojevich, Abramoff, Scooter Libby, Dick Cheney, Barney Frank

Crimes Against Freedom:

America 4.7% of the worlds population, 26% or the worlds prison population more than 3 million Americans behind bars, China 20% of the worlds population has 1.6 million citizens behind bars. Which country is really freest?


Yeah everything I wrote is a Space Alien conspiracy reported by all the major news networks. Thanks for making the point that Americans are blithely ignorant.

I would move but as you may not know the U.S. imposes a 44% tax on all worldwide holdings on anyone renouncing citizenship and also taxes expats for 10 years on income on top of taxes paid to the country of residence. Again really free huh?

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    Why don't you move to China then?

  • Anonymous
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    And there are thousands of space aliens being help prisoner in Area 51.

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    Unfortunately, under our laws, the Government gets to decide

    whether you can hold them accountable, and it says they aren't.

    "When in the course of human events it becomes necessary

    for a people to ..."

    to actually DO something, it's a good idea to be elsewhere.

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    The government is out of control and no, I do not trust them just the same way I do not trust the big 3 either.

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    you have a point, but it is the price of doing business. No pay, no play.

    US government is the whore, and we are the johns.

  • Anonymous
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    heck yeah

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