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What medications are there for essential tremors?

I have been diagnosed with essential tremors (I've had them since I can remember). They are getting worse. I've cut out caffeine and tried Enderol, Primidone and Propanolol. Is there anything left to suggest to my doctor? Should I ask for Xanax or something for when they get really bad and if so, how often can I use that without becoming addicted or building up a tolerance?

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    I think it might be more in the line of clonazepam you might use and yes all the benzos are addictive after more than 21days without a break but then again lots of people take these things for epilepsy and it doesn't seem to be a problem.

    I guess a lot of these neurological problems probably have what they call an epigenetic cause- some gene gets turned off by accident due to an environmental stress or a diet problem. It seems folic acid is essential for methylating genes and keeping genomes stable i.e. by and large its a good thing to have most genes turned off. Perhaps take the non prescription strength of folic acid 0.4 mg daily and see will it improve your situation.

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