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Synodontis catfish is he ..?

I have a synodontis waterloti I have read that he is not your common catfish and is not very common so difficult to get hold off.

Mine is very sociable and placid.

Does any body know more about these catfish

Also best food for him at moment just flakes and sinking pellets

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    Scotcat is normally very reliable when it comes to husbandry, but there doesn't seem to be anything remarkable about it's requirements.

  • Gary C
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    1 decade ago

    I've kept about 9 or 10 species of Synodontis, but not this one.

    It does seem to be fairly uncommon in the aquarium trade, if not in nature.

    References say it gets to be about 6 to 7 inches long and that it is native to the southwestern corner of Africa (Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ghana, etc.).

    You might want to double-check your identification, because there are a number of spotted Synodontis species that look quite similar to waterloti.

    If it's like other synodontids, it needs hiding places during the day and is more active at night, and will eat most any sinking fish food, such as tablets, pellets, worms, shrimp, veggies, etc.

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    what type ave u got there are over 500 types of synodontis catfish and they are not rare unless u paid over £100 they are mostly nocturnal and prefer alkaline waters ph of around 7.8 size depends on the type

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    No, it won't consume the excrement of your Oscar. There are no longer any fish, mollusk or invertebrates which will consume excrement. in case you prefer to unravel the waste subject purchase a gravel vacuum.

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  • Anonymous
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    alryt they can grow to bout 12" or 30cm you can feed them frozen foods flake sinking pellets and vegetables not a very aggressive fish at all and they are nocturnal hope this helps cheers

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    google planet catfish the best Information site around

    Source(s): a long time in fish keeping
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    the planetcatfish site about S. waterloti, i think this i where gary got his answer.. it matches pretty well

    i agree.. make sure you have a reliable ID.. they all pretty much look alike, lol

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