has anyone else experienced weird weather lately?

we live at the coast in sub tropical climate its almost like a jungle, and 2 weeks ago for the first time ever there was a tornado that wreaked parts of our town, it was the scariest sound i had ever heard something like a jet plane landing in our garden, it just missed our house but strong trees were ripped out by the roots and trees split and trashed in our garden, we were fortunate but many people lost their homes and about 7 people were killed, it was so scarey driving through town as peoples roofs were thrown hundreds of meters away from there homes alot of roofs that were ripped up were corrugated iron and they flew so far and hung over power lines and found deep in bushes, does anyone have some stories for me of experiencing extreme weather unusaul to their climate? and does anyone know what casues a tornado? thanks


rsmd- thanks for all your answers- rsmd there were large hail stones just after that scarey noise, they hit before we closed all the windows and our bed was in the middle of a large room about 3 meters away from the window and hail stones were on outbed! shame i know lots of people that were caught outside were pumelled by the hard ice.

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  • Lucy
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    Wow, that was close. I'm glad that your home and family were spared. Actually tornadoes can occur anywhere in any season but they are most common in the plains states (known as tornado alley) in the springtime. They are caused by instablility in the upper atmosphere (the clashing of warm, moist south air with cold north air), which sometimes results in cloud rotation. They don't always reach the ground but when they do the results can be devastaing, as you've recently witnessed, and they can do some very freaky things. To answer your other question, I live in Texas and we have all kinds of weather. Lately, it's been very cold and windy at my location. There was a mild earthquake nearby recently which is rather unusual for this area.

  • YoBro
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    Wind sheer and a strong vertical updraft forms the vortex of a tornado. The wind sheer from two different directions at different levels in the atmosphere cause a "rotation" to occur, usually in a super-cell thunderstorm, and the cooler air aloft is replaced by the warmer air rising and drags the swirling vortex down to the ground with it, thus, a tornado forms... many times you will find very heavy hail stones right before the actual tornado.

    We have our fair share here in Tennessee in the spring...

  • roupe
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    Yes, I love in Austin,Texas and for the first time that I can remember, it's snowing in December, we usually don't get snow, if any, we don't get it until late January, early February.

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  • M&M
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    I love snow

  • 1 decade ago

    i'm glad you're ok!

    here in the UK it's been REALLY cold lately :(


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