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Jamie asked in TravelUnited StatesDallas · 1 decade ago

What suburbs of dallas are the most "family friendly" areas? Should we avoid certain ones?

My boyfriend, our 1 year old, and I are moving to the dallas area at the end of January. My boyfriend is going to be working in Plano, TX. I am looking for work in Dallas... so we want to be somewhere maybe between those. Also, what is the weather like in the area? I am moving from Wisconsin- I am hoping to escape the snow ;o)

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    1 decade ago
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    You will escape the snow for sure! We had a little sleet last night and it was COLD for us (wind chill was in low 20's). You will maybe get snow or ice once or twice a year. The problem then will be all of us who don't know how to drive in that weather. Usually schools and businesses will shut down on those days.

    He is actually working in a great family area. Anywhere in Plano (especially the further west you get) is great for families. You can also look up in Frisco, Allen or McKinney (all north of Plano) or Richardson (directly south). If you get a job in downtown Dallas there is a train (DART) that will take you right to downtown from Plano.

    Unfortunately, I would avoid most anything in the Dallas Independent School Districts. There are a few exemplary schools in that school district but they are all in mostly expensive areas.

    Source(s): I have lived in the Dallas area since 1993 (Dallas, Plano and now Rockwall). I've lived in Texas all of my life.
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  • 1 decade ago

    Plano is a good choice for you- there are lots of nice apartments in West Plano near the tollway which can get you go many areas in Dallas quite quickly. Plano and Dallas are next to one another for the most part. Another choice would be East Plano where you could get on the DART rail if you need to.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I'm not gonna win "best" answer with this, but as a Dallas native I thought I would throw my hat into the Plano bucket.

    Very family-friendly, DART access like they said above, and don't forget about the schools. The PISD (Plano Independent School District) has garnered some rich acclaim, especially in their athletics and arts programs.

    Lots of good restaurants, too. Affordable, chain-type stuff.

    As to the other half of your question. Anecdotally I would say to avoid Garland. Bless'em, I'm sure it's a great place, but my wife lived in Garland for years and she HATED it. I trust her opinion, so I'd stay away from Garland.

    Source(s): My brain.
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