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Does anyone know where you can get replica college football jerseys for past players?

Specifically looking for the Colt Brennan Hawaii Warriors white jersey and the Carson Palmer USC Trojans red jersey (Male Size M or L). I've been looking all over the internet and am having trouble finding them. Thanks!

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    Try the USC Trojans/ Hawaii Warriors Proshops. They might have some older jerseys laying around. If not, then check eBay, because they might have jerseys sporadically, when people want to sell the ones they've previously owned.

    But call the pro-shops and if that doesn't work, I would throw in a call to the Football programs at those schools. Google their phone numbers. If you look hard enough, you'll find them for sure.

  • 5 years ago

    because the college gets paid and gets free jerseys. why is it unethical? nike (and lots of other companies) gives the teams jerseys and equipment, usually money too, and the companies get tons of free advertising. college football and basketball have been about $ for many years. they're the reason colleges can pay for women's gymnastics and fencing and other sports that bring in no $. but there isn't anything unethical about this, colleges give companies advertising space, and get cash and equipment in return

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