Would anyone reccomend joining the army?

I finished school last year, and have been working this year. My plan was to go to Uni, but got interested in the army. My application for Uni is still going and so is my Army application. I just can`t decide! Either I choose to study IT at Uni or go to the Army. If you have any advise and experience, please chare?!

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    ya as An army (from Latin Armata "act of arming" via Old French armée), in the broadest sense, is the land-based armed forces of a nation. It may also include other branches of the military such as an air force. Within a national military force, the word Army may also mean a field army, which is an operational formation, usually made up of one or more corps.

    In several countries the army is officially called the land army to differentiate it from an air force called the air army, notably France. In such countries, the word "army" on its own retains its connotation of a land force in common usage. The current largest army in the world by number of active troops is the People's Liberation Army of China with 2,250,000 active troops and 800,000 reserve personnel.

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    1 Armies as armed services

    2 Field army

    2.1 Formations

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    [edit] Armies as armed services

    Western armies are usually subdivided as follows:

    Corps: A Corps usually consists of two or more Divisions and is commanded by a Lieutenant General.

    Division: Each division is commanded by a Major General, and usually holds three Brigades including infantry, artillery, engineers and communications units in addition to logistics (supply and service) support to sustain independent action. Except for the Divisions operating in the mountains, all the Divisions have at least one armoured unit, some have even more depending upon their functionality. The most major of all ground force combat formations is the infantry division. Such a division would primarily hold three infantry brigades.

    Brigade: A Brigade is under the command of a Brigadier and comprises three or more Battalions of different units depending on its functionality. An independent brigade would be one that primarily consists of an artillery unit, an infantry unit, an armour unit and logistics to support its actions. Such a brigade is not part of any division and is under direct command of a corps.

    Battalion: Each battalion is commanded by a Lieutenant Colonel and has roughly 600 to 900 soldiers under his or her command. This number varies depending on the functionality of the battalion. A battalion comprises either three batteries or four companies - and other arms excluding armored units that are organized into squadrons each under the command of a major and comprising of individual subunits called sections (which are further divisible into platoons and squads).[1]

    [edit] Field army

    A field army is composed of a headquarters, army troops, a variable number of corps, and a variable number of divisions. A battle is influenced at the Field Army level by transferring divisions and reinforcements from one corps to another to increase the pressure on the enemy at a critical point. Field armies are controlled by a General or Lieutenant General.

    [edit] Formations

    People's Liberation Army in dress uniform. This is currently the largest army in the world by number of active soldiers.

    German Army soldiers in Bosnia

    Standard map symbol for a numbered Army, the 'X's are not substituting the army's numberA particular army can be named or numbered to distinguish it from military land forces in general. For example, the First United States Army and the Army of Northern Virginia. In the British Army it is normal to spell out the ordinal number of an army (e.g. First Army), whereas lower formations use figures (e.g. 1st Division).

    Armies (as well as army groups and theaters) are large formations which vary significantly between armed forces in size, composition, and scope of responsibility.

    In the Soviet Red Army and the Soviet Air Force, "Armies" were actually corps-sized formations, subordinate to an Army Group-sized "front" in wartime. In peacetime, a Soviet army was usually subordinate to a military district.

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    do both. you can always join the army after school. or vice versa. It doesnt necessary have to be one or the other in the long run. I think the older generations think like that. I would highly recommend both University and the Army. So the question is which one first? Thats a hard one. University people are gonna tell you university and army people are gonna tell you army. And they are both right.

    Have you thought maybe National Guard or Reserves? You could go on weekends and goto school during week? You would have to worry about being deployed for a year though, so if you dont mind your school being interrupted.

    In the end you should look into both more and ask people who arent biased one way or the other. If your looking for a good paying job you might want to goto school first. If your not too worried about money and want life experience go army.

    Source(s): 29 year old that has gone to school for IT and 4 years in army.
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    Listen, its either self interest or selfless service. If your money hungry and think of only yourself and how you can get ahead then go on to college because the US Army doesn't need that type of person in its ranks. If you want to be part of the best Army in the world then join tomorrow and be part of a service full of heritage and honor. I reccomend going to Airborne school and then the 82nd Airborne Division and being part of an elite group of paratroopers, the best in the world bar none. Airborne All The Way!!

    Source(s): Im my own source, I live in the 82nd!
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    The Army will teach you I.T. and you can get a G.I. Bill to pay for college after serving the country.

    Now, Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines ALL have I.T. jobs.

    Army / Marines are more likely to put you "over there" where people get shot at and cars parked on the side or the road sometimes explode.

    You might want to think Navy or Air Force

    Just my opinion . . .

    Dan in Miami

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    If, you join before, then they pay for your College, which could help later in the Reserves. IF, you join after College you may be able to go in as an Officer, which would mean more pay. You may want to check into the Air Force Reserves, just a thought.

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    my answer is simple. Jion the Army. You'll get the G.I. bill to pay for school. Plus if you choose to get a IT job in the army, when you get out employers will most likely hire you because you were in the army and you'll have the skills. I loved the army my self and wish I was still in it.

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    i just finished Marine Corps boot camp and on 10 day leave

    to be honest, Marine Corps is truly the best of all military branches, it not only trained me mentally and physically, it also taught me core values, Honor, Courage, and Commitment. In the Marine Corps, everything is a competition, that's why we're the best, we strive for the best everyday, we try to look the best, do the best. etc. our training is also better than other branches', we shoot lots of rounds (bullets) on training days, too :D

    Semper Fi

    Devil Dog.

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    why not join the air force, they give you free schooling college courses... get the best of both and get paid while doing it...

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