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so my college friends are sports bar kinda people and i like to actually DO things?

we're all meeting up for a mini college reunion kinda thing and they want to go to a sport bar. everytime we meet up we talk about college years, which was like 5 years ago, and i'm sick of it. i want to make NEW memories, but how can we do that sitting at a boring sports bar and talking about the same old crap. ugh

i want go to a comedy club or bowling or SOMETHING. i'm driving a hour away to sit at a sports bar..not even a pool table or anything. am i being a b#tch cause i dont want to go and waste time they can shoot me an email if ALL they want to do is talk. i know marjority rules, but doesnt my opinion ever matter


i dont dislike them, but i'm sick of always going to a sports bar.

as for being whiney, i dont feel like i am. i feel like i have an opinion that's repeatedly being unheard and i'm sick of it.

Update 2:

no just talking, talking about the SAME THINGS. sheesh, it's been like 5 years already. we know the basics of each other lives..marriage, job, kids, grad school, etc., so it's just talking about past college stuff. we're not making NEW memories. it's so annoying.

Update 3:

i threw out other ideas out there and am waiting for feedback. i only go to sports bar for like a hour TOPS. i'm not a heavy drinker, so sitting there getting drunk is not my idea of fun nor do i watch sports at all. and it's not like i want to sit there and eat a bunch of food at 10 at night. i'm still trying get off that baby weight for goodness sakes! i just dont understand why we cant DO something like normal friends. like the friend we were in college. all we ever do is "catch up". it's staring to get real lame.

Update 4:

i feel like going to a sports bar is one thing if you're LOCAL, but to drive more than a hour away to go to a sports bar is beyond dumb. most of them live up there, so i'm being nice by saying that i dont mind driving up there because we never meet around my area or our other friend that lives south of me. so they dont care because it's about 20 mins for them.

i'm just not going to go if it's a sport bar. i'm not wasting my time on that boring crap. i have friends that i've had for several years and mabye we'll meet up at applebees and catch up, but not if we're driving so far to meet each other. then we make actually plans.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    No you aren't being a ***** at all...I absolutely know where you are coming from about just sitting at a bar. Have you offered any of your suggestions? It sounds to me like they enjoyed the past, while your life is still exciting. Maybe you can give in one last time and join them this time at the sports bar, and maybe recommend what you guys do next time? Life is about LIVING!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Maybe sitting in a sports bar reminds them of things that they cannot really do now. I am in Grad School @ a University. I am 25. We all go to the bar here and that is where I see my friends. It is the gathering of the people I have came to know here. It is fun to run into them there and have conversations, chill out, and kick back some beer.

    Maybe your friends miss that. Sitting at the bar and just chilling out, free from the stresses of the real world, jobs, kids, marriage, bills. There they sort of find that old memory of being with everyone, chilling, and drinking.

    Why not go to the Sports Bar, and then get them all together and go to a club, or bowling, or something...

    When they start talking about college days, bring up current things in your life. Lead them into talking about whats new with them.

    If they are just friends you see like every year...and talk to once a year to get in contact with....then you are not going to get any pull on doing other things. That is the goal of meeting at the bar, drink, get a buzz, chill, and talk. If you do not feel strongly interested in hearing about their lives anymore then maybe it is time you stopped participating in the event. It seems it is more burdoning to you than something you look forward to. Why not take the initiative. Go to the sports bar with them his time....but in a few weeks, why not invite everyone over to your house to play games or entertain them.

    Look into the Comedy Club, find the date.....and tell them u r going to meet there. If they actually care about u as a college friend and care about keeping friends with you in your current life then surely they will do what u want to do if u ask them. If they do not then apparently they r not good friends.

    It seems like u r going to the Bar because that is what someone is wantin to do and u r the one being invited, so take the leadership role and invite them places. good luck.

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  • DV8
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago

    Does it REALLY matter in the grand scheme of things of you humour them for a few hours? If you really dislike them that much, then don't go. If you value the friendship, then suck it up and have a good time, then next time maybe take part in the planning so you can do something else next time.

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  • jen415
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    no it doesnt matter

    mainly cause you are whining

    some people go out to wanna go somewhere where people have to do something and arent able to converse freely.

    Maybe the bowling thing is good cause you can still talk but most sports bars have pool tables....why not play pool?

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  • 1 decade ago

    one by one, convince them that everyone wants to do something like bowl or shoot pool or SOMETHING. god, that sounds awfully boring, sitting in a bar and talking.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The best way to get into trouble doing something stupid is by hanging with people whose interests diverge significantly from yours.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Apparently not. If you don't want to go, don't go. You're the only one who will look like a whiny little baby.

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