Can you give me the paraphrase?

Hey... I need the paraphrase of "Universal Prayer" by Alexander Pope. It's for a report...! Please help me... I'm desperate!


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    Father of All! in every Age,

    In every Clime ador'd,

    By Saint, by Savage, and by Sage,

    Jehovah, Jove, or Lord!

    (God is considered the creator of all things throughout time by people from all races and classes. Pope is specifically talking about the Christian god.)

    Thou Great First Cause, least Understood!

    Who all my Sense confin'd

    To know but this, -- that Thou art Good,

    And that my self am blind:

    (God is so great that he cannot be comprehended by humans. He consumes Pope's senses. Pope considers himself nothing in comparison to god.)

    Yet gave me, in this dark Estate,

    To see the Good from Ill;

    And binding Nature fast in Fate,

    Left free the Human Will.

    (Allow me to recognize good things and bad things.)

    What Conscience dictates to be done,

    Or warns me not to doe,

    This, teach me more than Hell to shun,

    That, more than Heav'n pursue.

    (Show me your will and give me knowledge.)

    What Blessings thy free Bounty gives,

    Let me not cast away;

    For God is pay'd when Man receives,

    T' enjoy, is to obey.

    (Give me blessings.)

    Yet not to Earth's contracted Span,

    Thy Goodness let me bound;

    Or think Thee Lord alone of Man,

    When thousand Worlds are round.

    (Let me live in your goodness.)

    Let not this weak, unknowing hand

    Presume Thy Bolts to throw,

    And deal Damnation round the land,

    On each I judge thy Foe.

    (Allow me to defeat your enemies.)

    If I am right, oh teach my heart

    Still in the right to say;

    If I am wrong, Thy Grace impart

    To find that better Way.

    (When I am right, show me. When I am wrong, correct me.)

    Save me alike from foolish Pride,

    Or impious Discontent,

    At ought thy Wisdom has deny'd,

    Or ought thy Goodness lent.

    (Don't let me be prideful. Give me wisdom and goodness.)

    Teach me to feel another's Woe;

    To hide the Fault I see;

    That Mercy I to others show,

    That Mercy show to me.

    (Allow me to understand other people. Don't let me be judgmental. Allow me to be merciful.)

    Mean tho' I am, not wholly so

    Since quicken'd by thy Breath,

    O lead me wheresoe'er I go,

    Thro' this day's Life, or Death:

    (You gave me life. Lead me through my life until my death.)

    This day, be Bread and Peace my Lot;

    All else beneath the Sun,

    Thou know'st if best bestow'd, or not;

    And let Thy Will be done.

    (Supply my daily needs. Let your will be done in my life.)

    To Thee, whose Temple is all Space,

    Whose Altar, Earth, Sea, Skies:

    One Chorus let all Being raise!

    All Nature's Incense rise!

    (God is everywhere. Everything praises god.)

    Alexander Pope

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