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客戶的英文信…英文問題Packing List

Dear Customer,

We will be releasing the Mast Packing List module upgrade for all non-VSS vendors. Please kindly let us know by replying to this email before Friday this week if your company does VSS (Victoria's Secret Stores) orders and we will remove your Company ID from this batch of upgrade. If you do not reply to this email, we will assume that your company does not do VSS orders and we will include you in the list of companies that will be performing the upgrade. Thank you for your co-operation.


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    我們發布所有非VSS供營商的帆柱裝箱單模塊升級。 請親切地讓我們通過回復知道這電子郵件在星期五之前這個星期,如果您的公司做VSS (維多利亞的秘密商店)命令,並且我們從這批升級將去除您的公司ID。 如果您不回復這電子郵件,我們假設,您的公司不做VSS命令,並且我們在執行升級公司的名單包括您。 謝謝您的合作。

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