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在萬聖夜晚上,孩子們會裝扮成各種恐怖或有趣的打扮,去拜訪他們的鄰居,並說:"Trick or Treat!,意思是,不給糖就搗蛋,在他們來之前,主人們會放置骷髏在窗戶旁邊或放特殊的音效來營造恐怖的氣氛。




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    October 31 is Holloween--a traditional holiday in the West. People practice many interesting traditions on this day.

    On the night of Holloween, children dress up in a variety of scary or interesting costumes. They visit their neighbors, door by door, and say " trick or treat!" This means that they will trick you if you don't give them treats. Before these kids arrive, the owner of each house will place skeletons next to the windows or turn on special music effects in order to create a scary atmosphere.

    People also like to make jack-o-lanterns on this day. They empty a big pumpkin and carve scary faces on them. Then, they place them on their doorstep. Traditionally, this was to scary away devils and monsters.

    The traditional holloween costume is a ghost because people back then believed that ghosts come to the mortal world. Thus, they purposely dress up up to look like a ghost. People nowdays love to dress up in scary costumes, as famous people, and cartoon hero.

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    HOlloween is a traditional and interesting holiday.

    這都是我自己寫的 希望有幫助


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