Poll shows 79% of Americans approve of President Elect Obama's steps so far. What do you think of this?

...Of these results of the new CNN/Opinion Reserach poll?


Do you approve of the President Elect's transition process so far? Any particular appointment or ideas from him you like more than others? Or dislike? And express an opinion, if you like; On the coincidence that Presidents don't usually poll this high except after national tragedies? Do you agree that the Bush years were one long national tragedy? And why or why not?

Obviously; I am interested in open discussion on any of these questions...


Aahhh...Bemused by the respondents who don't like the polls' findings; So they simply blast the pollster. But I was hoping for some kind of real engagement with the question; Whether you approved of Obama or not...

Update 2:

I appreciate ALL the answers; But I have to voice my dissent with the Bush defenders - Come on; Failure to prevent 9-11, Katrina debacle, Unnecessitated and often poorly managed war in Iraq, 2 economic recessions in a single Presidency, Etc. Etc...

Now if a couple of things like this happened in one Presidency; I could maybe buy the "Certain amount of tragedies happen in every Presidency" or "It's not all (or directly) his fault" arguments - But these many strikes?!?! I could have gone on-! Come on. Get real...I supported Obama but realize it's far too early to really judge what his Presidency will look like. But let's be honest - Bush was a nightmare. End of story...

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    I wish CNN start to ask serious questions like

    " do you agree the lobbies are the one to control our country?"

    " do you believe our country is turning into a fascist nation?"

    " Iraq war is true we are there because the oil?""

    etc etc etc

    yeah I know is anti America talk like that

  • R J
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    1 decade ago

    Nothing has really happened, most of the appointments are pretty much predictable. Some I don't agree with. As far as the poll by using CNN, to the right that's like telling the left the poll was done by Fox. When it came out this year that a poll the LA Times did had 2-1 Democrats vs Republicans, people have sorta put polls on the back seat. I did like the fact that he said, "We have to stop printing money at some point". Now that did get my attention. But other than the rest he is on schedule and the game is about to begin. Take care.

  • 1 decade ago

    CNN/Opinion Research must be kidding, right???

    You'd have to look at the methodology on that poll before you'd be willing to believe those numbers.

    There is NO WAY that Obama would get that high an approval rating.

    Exactly as you say - they ain't that "high except after national tragedies"

    OR of somebody is screwing with the questions to get a certain result.

    That's easy to do by asking questions the "right way,"

    or grouping the answers to produce the results you want.

    And NO, the Bush years were very successful ones for the vast majority of the citizens of the US and the Free World.

    They were only terrible for the Bush-Haters and those who never sought therapy for their BDS.

    History will remember him well for many achievements that they have been too blinded by spite to view objectively.

    It's their loss.

    George W. Bush will be missed. Sooner than you expect.

  • 1 decade ago

    From the looks of things, all of the 18% who disapproved in the poll must hang out on Y!A.

    To answer your question, the appointment of Rahm Emanuel puzzled me. Hillary Clinton was absolutely the right choice for State, and keeping Gates on at Defense was both pragmatic and politically savvy. Janet Napolitano is an excellent choice for Homeland Security for all the reasons McCain outlined in his endorsement, and it's hard to argue with the President of the New York Fed as Treasury Secretary. Eric Shinseki as Secretary of Veterans Affairs will be a powerful, outspoken advocate for those who have worn the uniform of our country.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Polls mean nothing to me. Obama is not even in the White House yet, he is picking his people right now. What is there to judge? His picks? He is reaching out to both parties so only the disappointed McCain supporters would disapprove of his picks. As long as Obama does not sit and read books to kids after any kind of disaster, whatever he does should be a million times better than Bush and look at the disaster the country is in because of Bush. Hopefully in years to come, Obama and co. can help, but it will take years. People are so used to everything being so quick they forget what the world is like off their computers.

  • I am waiting to see if PE Obama actually gets sworn in. He's got assassinations issues and now this new scandal with the Gov. More of the same from all his buddies. Can't tell me he didn't know how corrupt this guy was. Everyone knew. The both represented the same State for cripes sake. And all the other US Governors knew how bad he was. Is this another under the bus incident?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I was not impressed with Obama at first, based on his evident lack of experience. His choices have made a believer out of me to some extent.

    Star with Biden and Emmanuel. Biden will chair the Senate, and steer legislation through that body, while Emmanuel has similar experience in the House of Representatives. If President Obama means business he has two men in place who should deliver.

    His cabinet is also full of experienced people who will not be afraid to tell him the truth. I always felt that George W. Bush was an inexperienced man who was getting bad advice, and Obama seems to be trying to get the best people of his own mindset around him to keep him on track.

    People see that. They are comforted by the thought that the President might actually mean what he said and is preparing to do something about it. They rejected fear for hope and will not give up easily.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I did not elect a Republican and yet that is what we got. Of course, I knew that McCain was going to be far more liberal than what he pretended to be. I did not know that McCain was going to be far more liberal than Obama.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Approve of what? He hasnt done jack squat yet-other than appoint a bunch of Washington DC old-timers to somehow bring about change.

  • 1 decade ago

    Obama is looking more and more like a Republican everyday, I could get used to this.

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