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what are the important things that one should carry on a backpacking trip?

backpacking India..

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    So much has to do with what the weather will be like and where you will be camping. However, below is a general gear list for 3-season (not winter) backpacking for 1-2 people. This does not include food, which of course is extremely important.

    CLOTHING: (Remember to bring clean clothes & shoes to leave in the car and change into after the hike is over.)

    - Waterproof, Sturdy, Well Broken-In Hiking Boots/Shoes.

    - 2 Pair Hiking Socks (NOT COTTON! Use Wool or Synthetic).

    - 1-2 Pair Sock Liners (Coolmax, Silk, Capilene, etc.)

    - 1 Short Sleeve Shirt (NOT COTTON! Use a Wicking Material like Coolmax, Capilene or Merino Wool)

    - 1 Long Sleeve Shirt (NOT COTTON! Use a Wicking Material like Coolmax, Capilene or Merino Wool)

    - 1 Pair Hiking Pants/Shorts (NO JEANS OR COTTON! The nylon zip-off styles are lightweight and versatile).

    - Wicking Underwear/Sports Bra (NOT COTTON! Use Coolmax, Capilene, Merino Wool, etc.)

    - Lightweight, Waterproof/Breathable Rain Jacket, Rain Pants or Poncho and (optional) Gaiters

    - Light Hat with brim for sun/rain.

    - Light Fleece Jacket or Vest (doubles nicely as a pillow!).

    - Wicking Base Layers/Sleep Clothes (optional ;-)

    - Sandals or Camp Shoes

    EQUIPMENT/GEAR LIST: Try to keep your pack as light as possible – total of 25 to 30 lbs. including food and water. Use travel-size items and containers. Share some equipment (tents, water filters, stoves, etc.) to reduce weight.


    - Backpack. Capacity of 3,000 - 4,000 cubic inch, weighing 2 - 4 lbs. (internal frame) is good for a 2-4 day hike.

    - Backpack Rain Cover. Heavy-duty trash bags also work (one on the inside of your pack and one on the outside).

    - Waterproof Stuff Sacks or heavy-duty trash bags for keeping items dry inside your backpack.


    - Tent or Tarp (and Optional Ground Cloth). Use a 1- or 2-person tent with a total weight of 4 lbs or less. Your ground cloth/footprint should match the shape of and be slightly smaller than the floor of your tent. Pack tent poles separately to compress the tent as small as possible.

    - Sleeping Bag. Prefer weight of 2 lbs or less and rated to approx. 32F degrees. Check the forecast to see if you want to go lighter/heavier. Carry sleeping bag in a waterproof compression sack or one covered by a large garbage bag.

    - Sleeping Pad. To insulate you from the cold ground. Prefer weight of around 1 lb.


    - Stove, Fuel, Windscreen, Matches/Lighter. Try to fit your stove and/or fuel fit into your cook pot. Alcohol stoves are lightest and least expensive – Caldera Cone highly recommended. Canister stoves are fairly lightweight too.

    - Cook Pot (No larger than 1 liter, weighing 8 oz. or less), Cup, Cutlery/Spork (Lexan recommended)

    - Water Purification System – water filter, chlorine dioxide, iodine, etc. (tablets are much lighter!)

    - Water Bottles or Bladder to hold 2 – 3 Liters (Bladders are light and easy to drink from. Or use 1 Qt. Gatorade bottles)


    - Headlamp or Small Flashlight and extra batteries.

    - Plastic Whistle

    - Map and Compass

    - Small Pocket Knife or Multi-Tool

    - First Aid Kit (Bandages, moleskin/blister kit, antibacterial ointment, pain killers, antacid, sting relief, etc.).

    - Duct Tape (for repairs and hot spots/blisters)

    PERSONAL ITEMS: (Use travel sized containers. Do not bring large bottles and/or tubes.)

    - Extra Plastic Garbage Bags & Zip-loc Bags. Small and large - for garbage, wet items and disposing of used toilet paper where there is no privy. Used toilet paper does not belong in the wilderness.

    - Small Digging Tool/Trowel for digging waste holes if no privies are available. (MontBell Scoop, Sea to Summit iPood are good products)

    - Toiletries. Including toothbrush/toothpaste, small roll of toilet paper, biodegradable soap, earplugs, and any personal medicines. Women should double-bag feminine hygiene products.

    - Bandana or small Camp Towel

    - Sunglasses and Sunscreen (travel size)

    - Lip Balm/Chap Stick

    - Insect Repellant (travel size) and/or Head net


    - Hiking Poles, Seat Pad, Camera, Book/Magazine, Candle Lantern, etc.

    Source(s): I created this list myself for the backpack trips that I lead.
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    Water-poof matches and other ways to make a fire, first aid and survial kit, water and high energy snacks, something to keep you warm like a jacket, compass and map if you heading out for a long hike. Maybe a snakebite kit also.

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    Plenty of socks, all of them the same color in case one wears out. Warm clothing, comfortable hiking shoes. Perhaps a small portable radio.

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    sleeping bag



    toilet paper

    herders pole

    warm clothes

    waterproof jacket



    ear muffs




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    there's a good packing checklist on the travellers lounge website

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