friend problem. Very vry long but so important.?

ok so it is me,salma,jada,brianna,arlette,zully,nd amanda.

zully nd amanda were friends since 2nd grade.nd zully nd salma hate each other. salma wants amanda 2 be her bff. then jada is really salma's bff.salma stopped hangin out wit jada.jada thinks salma is trying to be on myspace me nd jada took all of them off our top we only left each other. Brianna my bestfriend meets our friend arlette.arlette is a major hoe but my buddy tho.she thinks i dont give her respact.brianna gets in trouble for arlette a lot.Salma arlette and amanda r like the same.they get bad grades. ndthey use their friend. I am just a bystander.nd it hurts me 2 be withthem all at once especially since zully is so close to me. Nd on friday were goin to the mall salma nd amanda werent invited so salma backs stabs me nd tells jada yr u goin 2 thae mall with jackie arlette brianna nd zully. Salma is nice but she makes me wonder. Nd in class i told her she sounds fake because she was talkin bout ashley erika rebecca nd brenda. i'm like so confused nd all she talks about is her being fat nd her big house on the ****** hill. just becuz me nd jada r black salma acts lke were not as good as her.she thinks she is the best singer nd i could sing wat better than her. I dont know what to do im confused


yea uguys r rite im gonna find new friends but i have lots of non drama flled ones

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You need some new friends. Friends are supposed to make you feel good and you should be happy to be around.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    well, get new friends.

    i hate to say it.


    good luck!

    ---->krys [reporting from Hawaii]

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    This is very confusing.....

    Just go with your instincts.

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