Is Brooklyn Law a good law school? Better than RU-Newark?

I got into Rutgers Law School (Newark) and Brooklyn Law School. Mostly everyone is telling me choose BLS because it's ranked higher and is more "prestigious". But RU-Newark is half the price for me, thus half the debt load (NJ resident), but perhaps not as prestigious as BLS. Does it make sense to pay the higher price and take on the extra debt for BLS?

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    1 decade ago
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    Law school is expensive regardless, but I would weigh what grades you expect from yourself. If you are an excellent student, then I would go to Rutgers Newark. but depending on how much more prestigious BLS is, if your grades are usually not top notch, it may make sense to add in the prestige factor.

    But remember law school and grad schools are not the same as undergrad, employers are going to look more at your gpa and class standing. Also, do both schools have what your looking to focus on in law?

    Rutgers Newark law is a good law school, look up BLS in one of the ranking magazines, I dont think it has the level of prestige a Columbia or NYU has.

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