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Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentOther - Politics & Government · 1 decade ago

do any of you think that this Meltdown of Jobs and all the other crap Goin Down in our Country~?

Was an ACCIDENT~!!

that these XPERTS did not see it coming~???

it seems that the Whole Situation was A Grand Plan~~!!!

agree or disagree~...................?

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  • Lucy2
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    1 decade ago
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    agree,Japan and China, the creditors of this country, think the war deficits will kill the US economy. crush the currency. please read!!

    THE currennt economic CRISIS WAS CAUSED BY THE HIGH COST OF "credit default swaps" DUE TO enormous deficits CAUSED BY WARS.

    which restricted Feds ability to extend credits!!

    please read the article(link) by Japan's highest currrency official!!(NO BIAS, he is not gop or dem!!)

    US currency is likely to lose its value ever faster in a few month, as a concern of the bailouts, after Bush spent all our reserves in the war!!

    The fed reserve claims to have 575 billions cash available for rescue plans, Yet, the Chinese and Japanese Gov claim they should have 1 trillions USD each reserved with Fed.. Now, they are asking the US gov to re pay the interests on money borrowed in Japanese and Chinese currencies due to the fact that USD is rapidly losing its value.

    The US government needs to borrow at least US$1 trillion in the coming year, excluding the US Treasury's $700 billion plan to bail out the financial and other industries, said Kazuo Mizuno, chief economist in Tokyo at Mitsubishi UFJ Securities Co, a unit of Japan's largest publicly traded lender by assets. That amount is likely to grow as the US government continues to rescue failed parts of the economy and has to raise more debt - that is, issue government bonds, or Treasuries - to fund such rescues.

    China on November announced its sweeping economic stimulus package valued at about 4 trillion spending on its infrastructure, which will requires money from US reserves, putting more pressure on the value of USD.

    Since 2004, when the amount of the government bond issuance reached an annual average of $400 billion, 94% of US government bonds have been purchased by China and Japan.

    "There is no wonder the dollar will weaken," said Eisuke Sakakibara, Japan's former top currency official and now

    a professor at Waseda University. "The dollar now looks strong for a technical reason. The money the US financial

    firms had invested in the world is being repatriated into the homeland, causing dollar-buying.

    But once this conversion into the dollars is done, the currency will head south,"

    Sakakibara said at a forum in Tokyo on Sunday.One measure of the increased concern at the ability of the United States to finance its enormous deficits in the future is the rising cost of credit default swaps bought as protection of Treasury debt. These traded near a record high on Tuesday, with benchmark 10-year contracts on Treasuries increased to 42 basis points, or 0.42 percentage points, from around 20 in early September.

    The contracts have also risen from below two basis points at the start of the credit crisis in July 2007.

    Japan holds the world's second-largest foreign reserves, totaling about $1 trillion, following China,

    which has about $2 trillion in forex reserves, most of them in USD.

  • 5 years ago

    I will agree with the media being totally corrupt during this election, it is the main reason that I am wary of Obama. But, I feel kind of sick due to the fact that people take this election so seriously, on both sides. He is just the President, it's not like we voted for Jesus or something. That's it, I'm moving to Canada.

  • 1 decade ago

    I don't think it was a grand conspiracy, but yeah, I think the so-called "experts" did see it coming and did nothing because they wanted to milk as many millions out of the bubble as possible.

    They don't care about the little guy, and never did.

    And it's Democrats and Republicans alike. There's enough blame for both parties.

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