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good unique moves i can use in a grappling/bjj tournament?

i have been training bjj for about 9 months i am a white belt, im heading towards my first tournment im very quick im 140 and 15 and i just wanna know if anyone has any pointers and tips on my first tournament and or any good unique moves you've done that i can use that can lead me to a good victory id very much appreciate it.

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    Don't worry about "unique moves". It's the basics that win fights.

    But as far as tips go, visualize how you are going to win, then go out there and do it.

    Before the tournament, figure out what you're best at, and what you need help with. Work on your weaknesses to tighten them up. Come up with a game plan based around your strengths.

    Go with a coach or someone more experience than you who can "work your corner" or in other words talk you through your game.

    Most importantly have fun. That's what it's for.

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    gi or no gi? i also think you should stick to the basics, if you look at the best grapplers right now, they're doing the same stuff that they learned as a white belt sub wise. work the basic guard passes and sweeps and something will open up. Good luck!

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  • Anonymous
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    Use the rubber guard then go for a triangle choke or arm bar....

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    Keep it simple, just do what you've learned.

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