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who is the person of the 20th century?

I have an english speech and it is about who the "person of the 20th century" is.

Here is a list of the people i need to choose from:

Arts and Entertainment:

Ansel Adams


Georgia O'Keeffe

Frank Lloyd Wright

Dick Cavett

Paul Newman

Authors and Poets:

Elie Wiesel

F.Scott Fitzgerald

Ray Bradbury

Gertrude Stein

Amy Tan

Ray Bradbury

Arthur Miller

Susan sontag

S.E. Hinton

Social Issues:

Adlai E. Stevenson

Susan B. Anthony

Jesse Jackson

Colin Powell

Betty Friedan

Sally Ride

Eleanor Roosevelt

Jane Addams

International Issues:

Mother Teresa

Tony Blair

Mao Tse Tung

Nelson Mandella

Political Issues:

John F. Kennedy

Harry S. Truman


Bill Clinton

Hillary Clinton

Che Guevara


Jonas Salk

Stephen Hawking

Alexander Flemming

Sally Ride


Jerry Garcia

Mick Jagger

Duke Ellington


Micahel Jackson

Garth Brooks

Jimi Hendrix


Joe DiMaggio

Muhammad Ali

Jackie Robinson

Venus and Serena Williams

Tiger Woods

Babe Ruth

Bruce Lee

Jesse Owens

Jim Abbott

Sammy Sosa

thank you :)

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    adolf hitler!! seriously, he set up the board for the biggest event in human history!millions of lives were changed for better or worse governments fell and others became global super-powers,it pushed us to make huge advancements in medecine,science,weapons, engineering,electronics,etc...not to mention the countless video games it inspired

    p.s.he also demostrated how evil the human race could be if left unchecked even in the middle of the 20th century

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