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why cricket is not populer in america whereas fake wwe is so famous?

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    The first ever international cricket game was between the USA and Canada in 1844. The match was played at Elysian Fields, Hoboken, New Jersey

    1859 saw the first main representative tour by an England team. It was captained by George Parr, and comprised six players from The All-England XI and another six from the United England XI. The team

    toured North America, where cricket was very popular - especially in the United States and Canada.

    After the civil war 1861,

    The difficulties of getting proper cricket equipment and of marking and maintaining pitches were too great during the 4 years of war; it was easy to throw down 4 bags to mark bases and to play baseball on any ground available

    This made baseball more popular than cricket.

    Their national temperament is not altogether suited for cricket's leisurely pace

    Cricket has been played in American universities for many years, but mostly by foreign students who are from cricket-playing countries.

    Americans like sports that get over fast and are result oriented.

    Americans have baseball,so why have another similar game--this is also one of the reasons

    WWE is not a sport at all,it is entertainment

    WWE,people watch it everywhere,not just US


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    Not every game is popular in every country. It has a lot to do with the origin of the game as well as people's mindset on the game. Most American's would play fast sports that ends in a few hours like baseball, basketball etc..So they tend to see cricket unsuitable as its a very slow game & as it takes times to finish. Its one of the reasons why the 20-20 format was started to popularise the game over the world.

    On the other hand WWE is just entertainment. Some people accept its fake while others dont.

  • Cricket hasn't really made it in america... at all.

    Many people here in america would rather watch something violent and entertaining in 2 hours, then watch a test match, or long hours of a simpler version of baseball.

    I dont think anyone has made an effort of expanding cricket in the US unfortunately. There are some small cricket unions in citys with high populations of people from the west indies, or europe.

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    the toddlers are understandably getting lured away through the U. S. college scholarships, and also you'll't blame them for that. Barring an uncomplicated version of Alan Stanford rolling up, i visit't see a lot contained in the Islands which could stump up the money mandatory to maintain the skills. per chance the BBL PBL IPL etc will be an major evil, with the money presented through those competitions per chance being adequate to stem the tide. Ironic quite that the idea became kicked off initially contained in the West Indies, and it now would come finished circle and revive the game there from the exterior. The exterior money will also weaken the inter islands factionalism that has plagued the game there as well.

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    Each and every game requires some skill. Cricket was not popular in India till we won the worldcup in 1983.... Same way they love playing basketball and baseball. So no specific reason can be given about the reasons for popularity.....

    wrestling is love bcoz it is fake.... there is lot of drama attached to it....

  • Cricket requires brain and intelligence but WWE dosen't.

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    Because the Americans are all braun and no brains that's why.It takes skill and alot od brains to be able to play cricket whilst any idiot can get into a ring and throw someone over the top.

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    Americans love games where people get hurt, beaten up, etc. That's why WWE (even though it's fake) and their so called football are so popular here. For them, if there's no blood, it ain't a sport.

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    I was born in India but now in US.

    i give u the good answer.

    1st there are lot people who loves to play cricket but no time that fits for everyone. 2nd no big ground like other countries has. 3. weather is the problem. 4th US loves playing BBALL

    Cricket requires Intelligence which we American don't have it.

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    Cricket is about intelligence and patients

    which the american's dont have

    They mostly play Basketball

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