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APBT or American Bully?

Is the American bully a dog breed recognized by registries?

And i see lots of what i would consider American bullys registered as pitbull terriers. But they seem to not meet breed standard that well, but can they still be registered as an APBT?


By American bully i do mean American bulldog

Update 2:

Woops i meant i do not mean American bulldog

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    The American Bullies have their own kennel club now

    Their are some that are registered with the UKC as APBT's but can not be shown in the UKC because they are not truly pure bred APBT's. (they have hung papers basicly)

    The UKC changed their standards this Nove because of the American Bully.

    The standard now says stuff like this

    Very Serious Fault: Any disproportionate overdone characteristic (such as short legs, excessive bone or massive head or body) that would interfere with working ability.

    Very Serious Fault: Overly large, heavy heads.

    Faults: Snipey muzzle; flews; weak lower jaw.

    Very Serious Fault: Muzzle too short, which impairs breathing capability.

    Very Serious Fault: A short, thick neck that would interfere with functional ability.

    Very Serious Fault: Legs shorter than half the total height at the withers.

    Very Serious Fault: Overly massive body style that impedes working ability.

    Very Serious Fault: Excessively large or overly massive dogs.

    Everythign that describes an American Bully!

    Razors Edge used to be a good bloodline till Dave Wilson mixed the dogs to get the American Bully he has publicly admitted it.

    Source(s): Rescuer, trainer, owner of 6 Pit Bulls
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    I believe both the APBT's and American Bulldogs are recognized by their own specific registries and the United Kennel Club in the US. while they are related breeds they are two distinct breeds and should be treated as such. People do mistake them especially a white APBT because of their similar look but the American Bulldog has a box shaped head that is generally bigger then the more wedge shaped Pitbull and their ears are usually not cropped.

    edit: oh you meant the gotti/razor's edge dogs...I don't consider them apbt's but I'm sure people do.. I really dont like their looks at all.. they look like staffordshire bull terriers on steroids.

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    Do you mean the Bull Terrier or APBT?

    My boyfriend's mom had an American Pit Bull Terrier that was registered... she was beautiful and so sweet, I miss that dog.

    I think bull terriers and pit bulls are registered differently, as they are different breeds from one another...

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