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10 pts-Best Answer: EU to NATO?

Ok, so if a country, say he UK were a part of the European Union, but wanted out of it to join NATO, would they be allowed? And how would they do it? 10 pts, best answer!!!!

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    As poolboy said, NATO and the EU are two separate organizations, and dual membership is allowed. That means that there's no reason for a country to leave the EU to join NATO since they can be in the EU AND join NATO (and most EU countries are NATO members or at least participate in the Partnership for Peace program which is basically a NATO affiliation without full membership).

    I did want to correct one thing that was said, though, and that is that NATO has become the de facto European Union defense organization. That's actually not the case, as the EU has been developing - especially in recent years- complementary and sometimes parallel structures to NATO. While NATO is purely military, the EU has a strong focus on the humanitarian aspects of conflict situations. There are several EU forces (EUFOR, EuroCorps, Battle Groups, etc) that are also military, however. A few of them are able to be called up by either NATO or the EU, which means that the EU would be able to act militarily on its own without NATO. There's not really much of a reason to do that, but it's good for them to have them option. And EU mission in the DR Congo and Chad show that the EU is capable of working on its own outside of NATO.

    Source(s): BA and MA in poli sci, lived for 5+ yrs in Germany and recently went to a bunch of EU security institutions to talk about just this subject
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    E.U. is an economic and political body. NATO is a US military organization. Any European nation can be part of one, both or neither.

    NATO has become the default military organization for the E.U.

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