play netflix movies thru xbox 360?

I have my netflix set currently so I can watch movies on my PC. I also subscribe to the XBOX Live Gold plan. So, I'm thinking I have everything I need there to be able to connect the two and watch netflix movies on my tv through the xbox. My problem is my modem only has 1 jack outlet for an ethernet cable so I can't have the computer and the xbox hooked into the modem at the same time. I tried previously (for a different issue) to hook up a router which I thought would allow more ports for ethernet cables but it didn't work when I plugged everything in.

So...basically in a there a way to watch netflix movies through my xbox console while only having 1ethernet port on my modem???

Please help and if possible give step by step instructions as if I were a 5 year old. That would actually be much appreciated.

Thank You.

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    First off, your avatar name is priceless. Always happy to talk to a Jay and SIlent Bob fan.

    I'm not sure I understand your question though. Since you don't have a router you can only plug in the comptuer. Once you unplug the computer cable from the modem, you can plug the 360 cable in no problem. You just wont be able to use your computer at the same time. So that's what you would need to do if you want to watch Netflix from the 360. That's what I used to do when I didn't have a router. If I wanted to play on the Xbox, I needed to unplug the modem from the computer, drag everything downstairs and plug it into the Xbox. Remember, just look at the xbox as another computer. That's all it really is. Plug in the modem and ethernet cable exactly as you have it hooked up to your comp.

    I'm curious to know what kind of router you bought since it didn't work. I have my comp and 360 plugged into a router along with another computer.. so 3 total. Mine works fine. Make sure you're buying a router that is XBOX Live enabled. When I bought mine, it said Xbox Live right on the box. I bought it at Staples.

    So to answer your question, there should be no problem with unplugging your computer cable from the modem, plug in your 360 cable into the modem and you should be good to go with streaming your Netflix movies. It just sucks 'cuz you won't be able to use your computer (to add or remove movies from your Queue which automatically show in your netflix 360 dashboard) you'll just have to keep swapping out the cables.

    Hope I helped.. Good luck!

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    Netflix Thru Xbox 360

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    I was about to answer and then I saw TGR's post. He's right so thumbs upt to TGR and good luck with the next router.

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