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paul, wade and gay for howard, harris and butler?

should i accept it...i have howard harris and butler and getting wade pual gay

Fantasy points they each average







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    yup. paul and wade will be in the top five this year. and gays number should improve, he'll be solid.

    howards a beast and harris is really steppin it up this year. butler is ballin, but he gets injured every year, wouldnt be suprised if he goes down midseason

    with paul and wade, you cant turn it down.

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    The person getting paul and wade is getting the better end of the deal in my opinion even though the numbers may disagree. The Wizards are in trouble this year, so projecting a great season for Butler seems iffy to me. Simply put, Wade and Paul are two of the four best players in the league right behind LeBron and Kobe.

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