Is there a website where you can find out half the distance between two cities?

I am traveling to see my friend in Minocqua, WI and I live Delavan, WI. I'm going to have my friend drive me half the distance and have her pick me up half the distance but i need to know a city in between. I looked it up on yahoo maps and it is 4 hours and 22mins away.

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    hi there,these two towns are the nearest halfway point..

    Hancock or 1 mile either side of centre at a 130mile..

    Driving directions to Delavan, WI

    260 mi – about 4 hours 25 mins


    1. Head south on Oneida St/US-51 toward Milwaukee St

    Continue to follow US-51 167 mi

    2. Continue on I-39 S 6.8 mi

    3. Take the exit onto I-39 S/I-90 E/I-94 E toward Madison

    Continue to follow I-39 S/I-90 E 67.1 mi

    4. Take exit 175B for WI-11 E toward Delavan 0.3 mi

    5. Merge onto 14/E Racine St 1.5 mi

    6. Turn right at US-14/WI-11

    Continue to follow WI-11 16.7 mi

    7. Turn right at S 7th St/WI-50 0.4 mi

    8. Turn left at E Geneva St/WI-50 0.2 mi

    Delavan, WI

    enter.. " Minocqua, WI to Delavan,wi" in the search bar!!

    then zoom in and out !!

    regards pops..


    or try this..

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