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how do you think world war 2 influenced the purpose of the united nations? how did this affect its structure?

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    The United Nations Security Council, made up of the five "victorious" nations of WWII. France, Britain, US, China, and Russia. Would have the final say, and the vote would have to be unanimous, as to whether anyone can invade a country and go to war.

    WWII influenced this decision because Germany and Japan had invaded countries and started wars unilaterally (on their own without consenting anyone).

    So according the UN Charter there are only three ways you can engage in military action if: you are invaded and you have to defend yourself. Your citizens are in danger of being killed or they are being killed. You receive the unanimous approval of the UN Security Council to engage in military action. If you do not follow these rules, you are engaged in an illegal war and your political and military leaders can be tried and convicted for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

    This has not stopped "illegal" wars in the past 63 years.

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    Well after WWI the had the League of Nation. However no one wanted to enforce it or take responsibility how it was run. That's why all the country invasions by Germany, Italy, and Japan were able get as far as they did. With United Nation they now take action against erring countrys.

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