Have you ever been too a christmas party?

I haven't before, but i'm going to one tonight from work, its the first one i've ever been to as well. I don't really know what to expect, everyone drinks alcohol and i don't. Ahh

Survey: Will you miss me when i'm gone from Y!A?

I will miss all my contacts lots while i'm gone from Y!A tonight



My Y!A life is a lot better lol....

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    Yeah, I went to a few for work over the past few years, and I go to some that friends hold, and my parents hold one every year. They're mostly just coworkers hiding their seething hatred of one another all set to Christmas music. That's essentially it. stay away from the booze and you won't make an @ss of yourself, but you will get to see your coworkers do that ... so bring a camera. and when you threaten to show the picture of your coworker peeing on a fake plant just so he'll take your shirt, don't call it "blackmail," call it "extortion"; the X makes it sound cool.

    uh, I guess I'll miss you. I'm studying for chem and biochem finals I have tomorrow. I'm not thinking about others ... just neurotransmitters and what-not.

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    Seriously... I know a may be hard but you tend to say and do silly things under the influence of alcohol.

    For example my first Xmas party I got my boobies out to the Chairman...luckily 6 years later I’m still working for the same company!!!

    If anything does go horribly wrong, us at YA will be here to answer all your questions in the morning!

    Have fun! x

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    I remember my first works Christmas party, it was my very first job - working at 'The Hull Brewery Co'. I had a really great time, got a bit drunk and when I got home there was no one in and the next thing remember, was my dad waking up, I had fallen asleep under the living room table .. !! xx

    Hope you have a great time tonight . ! ! xx

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    Each xmas party will be different so it's difficult for someone to say. So just try and have fun, chat to people and if you're not having a good time stay for an hour or two then leave.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Believe me if you don't drink you are probably going to have a much better time then the ones that are going to get rat arsed! Maybe not at the time but definitely on Monday morning whe you will have the pleasure of telling them all, all the embarrasing stuff they got up to when they were pissed! ha ha!

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    Ive been to loads of parties, get out there and have fun! Don't worry about us lot on Y!A everyone has other lives too!

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    1 decade ago

    Yeah loads, been working since I was 15!!! At christmas parties you can expect allot of drunk staff, people kissing people they really shouldn't and loads of bad dancing. It's brilliant fun! got mine this Friday whoop whoop!

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    3 years ago

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    Loads...my ones not till next week - but it's not a party! Its a works lunch - Booorrinngg!!!

  • Deb R
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    1 decade ago

    y/a will still be here while you are gone. Have a good time and let us know how it went.

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