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if you speak Pig-Latin...?

is that making fun of Latins?

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    Wouldn't it be making fun of and be degrading towards pigs. I mean pigs have been known to fight once in a while.

    OH BOY, Here it comes now.

    *braces himself for the coming onslaught of aggression*

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    Onay, otnay atay alltay.

    Afterway allway, itay isway implysay ecausebay ethay anguagelay oundsay ikelay atinlay. Erethay areway onay atinlay ootsray atwhay osay everway.


    No, not at all.

    After all, it is simply because the language sounds like latin. There are no latin roots what so ever.

    For anyone's interest: Piglatin is a language code. To speak it, you remove all the consonants of a word until you reach a vowel, put the consanants on the end, and add an 'ay' sound. If the word begins with a vowel, you just add a 'way' sound to the end.

    Source(s): My father and uncle taught me this as a child, I've spent years trying to teach it to school friends in primary school when I was younger, but they can't seem to get the hang of it! Who taught you?
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    There are no such people as Latins, therefore it is imposible to make fun of them. Latin is a dead language and is not spoken by any particular group of people. The only current use of latin is for academics.

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    onay itay isay otnay itay isay ustjay aay amenay. ouldway ouyay ebay admay ifay erethay asway aay anguagelay alledcay ipay americanay? Onay, ouyay ouldway eelfay amousfay! ethay atinslay obablypray ikelay usay orfay itay. eythay owknay atthay eway owknay eythay areay erethay!

    Iay eakspay igpay atinlay uentlyflay!

    anslatedtray: Translated:

    No, it is not its just a name. would you be mad if there was a language called pig American? No, you would feel famous! The latins probably like us for it. They know that we know that they are there!

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    I'm pretty sure its just something kids learn thats fun.

    Maybe its called Pig Latin cuz its a sloppy english, latin sounding, language, more of a game.

    Did that even make sense?


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    Mm lol- I dont know? Latinos? Im not sure what a Latin is?

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    Eck-hay O-nay.

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    It`s makin` Latin bacon.

  • 1 decade ago

    es-Yay I-ay oday eakspay itay.

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