Moral Relativism vs. Moral Absolutism?

A poll for Catholics and Christians only please...

Today's culture is widely driven by a changing moral code that says something to the effect of; "Just because you think it is wrong does not mean it is wrong for me." This is an example of moral relativism.

Historically, Christians of most flavors, followed a code that would say that there are moral absolutes. Right and wrong seemed fairly cut and dry. For Christians it was clear that the bible gave us guidelines for moral living.

These days questions such as the murder of unborn children, adultery, homosexuality are seen as gray areas by many in the Church. Are there no more moral absolutes?

The liberal homosexual agenda would have you believe that it is good for a marriage to end in divorce because one spouse realized he or she were gay -- this just "celebrates their sexuality." Planned Parenthood would have us believe that an unborn child is nothing more than worthless tissue. Christians have traditionally believed that all life is God-given, beginning at conception, and that terminating an "unwanted" pregnancy is equivalent to murder.

My question for you today is; Do you as a Christian believe in Moral Relativism or Moral Absolutism? What are your thoughts?

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Fr. Michael Callahan



I disagree with those who say that Christians only speculate or "postulate" regarding life beginning at conception.

"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart…”

Jeremiah 1:5

Update 2:

This question is not about Christians being perfect! I am not suggesting that there have never been times where Christians have acted wrongly.

No, there are no lies here, especially regarding the "Homosexual Agenda." Yes there is a radical homosexual agenda. I will be posting some evidence regarding this subject this evening on my blog: I have several articles there already on the subject.

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    Great question Father!

    Count my vote on the side of Moral Absolutism.

    I see our culture on a downhill slide, ignoring traditional moral values and the bible which is one of the most influential documents in our nation's history. Doesn't the bible warn us that a sign of the end times will be that the world will be worse than it was during the time of Noah? Well, I think that time is nigh!


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    "Historically, Christians of most flavors, followed a code that would say that there are moral absolutes. "

    There have never been moral absolutes. Those same Christians you claim existed were also the same ones who sold items that were supposed to forgive sins.

    There is no question that up until a brain is formed that the child is nothing more than a clump of cells. Otherwise you are saying you also shouldn't kill skin cells by sunbathing.

    There is no homosexual agenda, stop lying. No one is saying divorce is good.

    Everything you claim is false.

    edit: Then there are also examples in the bible itself that indicate that ripping the unborn child from the mother is ok, completely negating your entire argument that it is bad.

    Edit2: And in the bible where it clearly states life does not begin until breath is taken? Moral relativism.

    So you seriously don't understand the difference between radicals and non-radicals and that is what you base your agenda off of?

    I editted above so you know what I was referring to, I care nothing of perfection just hypocrisy.

    Just face it, there are no moral absolutes and there never have been.

    Edit to Michael C: Oh ok sure the APA changed it's views on homosexuality, well then let's examine what they say about delusions. YEP! Belief in your god is a delusion but they have the caveat that religion can't be construed that way. Maybe because they didn't want to offend you deluded people?

    Are you really idiotic enough to not know that homosexuality have been found in over 1500 other animal species there by indicating it's not a psychological problem?

    As for breaking down morals, you once again show your idiocy by not taking into account moral relativism which is what this question is directly about.

    Edit To Michael C again: "Who do you think is behind all the uproar as a result of California Prop 8? "

    So for some reason you think it's ok to not allow a certain sect of people to have rights AND you think they won't be unhappy about it? Let me guess, you wear a white pointy hat on the weekends?

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    The bible says it, I believe it, end of subject...

    Regarding the person who answered that there is no Homosexual agenda -- get a grip on reality. You are propagating one of the biggest lies of this century.

    There has been a concerted effort for nearly 30 years by radical homosexuals to break down the moral code of this country. Don't believe huh? Do you think that the American Psychological Association changed its views on homosexuality on scientific evidence? Not hardly, this change occurred due to sociopolitical pressure from homosexuals! That is the fact!

    Who do you think is behind all the uproar as a result of California Prop 8? Who is frothing at the mouth yelling, screaming, knocking down old ladies, accusing Christians of hate? It was all over the news last month -- radical homosexual activists!

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    Great well thought out question. My opinion is when God handed to Moses the tablets, they were called the 10 Commandments not the 10 suggestions

    Clearly, there are many other areas in the Bible which dictate specific ways which we should live our lives, for example, conduct business honestly and ethically, say what you mean, don't be a drunkard etc.

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    I believe moral absolutism is a dying notion in our society (U.S.) but that doesn't nullify the fact that there are standards that never change by which we should guide our lives--God's standards. Simply because people choose a wrong path to go down that doesn't mean the right path is wiped out of existence.


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    >Christians have traditionally believed that all life is God-given, beginning at conception, and that terminating an "unwanted" pregnancy is equivalent to murder.<

    Here's a fine example of a moral postulate which is nowhere to be found in the Bible, which proves it is moral relativism for you.

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    I tend to believe that there is "Good" and "Evil" in this world and that there are some "Eternal Truths" from God. However, I don't claim to know all of them.

    However, on the flip-side... Do you stone adulterers?

    If not, then don't we believe in moral relativism?

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    I am of the opinion that moral standards cannot be relative. It is not a matter of what the majority of people view as right or wrong.

    God's standard is absolute and we cannot change that. Whatever we do, think or say will always be right or wrong without the influence of common opinion.

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